Our Admins

Here is where you can find our Administrators, and how to contact them. When we get more admins, they will post a little biography of themselves and what they are hoping to do/help with around our site!



Name:               Darcy a.k.a ~DarcySupremest             Age: 16            Gender: Male
Location:           , New South Wales, Australia             Occupation: Wall Street Student
Likes: Video Games, Dubstep, Reading, Doing Absolutely Nothing, Good Description, Fallout Equestria,Vinyl Scratch
Dislikes: Generic Mane 6 shipping, Those few Bronies who think Love and Tolerance doesn't matter.
Quote: Have a good one bronies
So here we are.
Hello I'm DarcySupremest, you have stumbled across the land of the Supremest.
'Round these here parts we review Fan Fiction. I grew tired of false promise and unclear opinions in comment sections so I built a site to review fan fiction.
I have big plans for this website, you're welcome along for the ride.

Vinyl is best pony

AXEOFCHAOS (Site Maintenance and First Admin):

Name:               Burdon a.k.a ~ AxeOfChaos               Age: 15            Gender: Male
Location:           , New South Wales, Australia              Occupation: Student
Likes: Video Games, Rainbow Dash, Good Shipping, Ponies (Obviously) and long walks on the beach.
Dislikes: Stupid people who think being random is funny (I'M TALKING TO YOU YOUTUBE PEOPLE!!), Call Of Duty, Little kids who act 40 (I'm talking to you Master Chef Kids!!!) and anyone who thinks that ponies are unmanly!
Quote: Keep it Rainbow Dashin'!!

You can contact me via my email NicnNic@live.com, send me a friend request on Skype (just type 'AxeOfChaos', I'm the one from AUS) or you could even add me as a friend on XBL, My name is AxeOfChaos, just make sure you say that you are a brony or I might just delete the request! I am a... not so much avid... But I don't hate them, shipping reader. If you have a more... romatic, I guess... fan-fic, send it my way, as Darcy despises shipping. I have been a brony since around August and have become a DEFINITE Rainbow Dash fan. I have become addicted to MLP and haven't turned back! I have my fair share of Pony pictures as my backgrounds and my homepage is Equestria Daily (I'm not crazy, just very devoted!!)

Keep it Radical!

MEDICSHY (Eclectic Gamer, American Correspondent, and Second Admin):

Name:                          a.k.a ~Medicshy             Age: 21            Gender: Male
Location:           , Hawaii, USA             Occupation: Student
Likes: Musicals, Video Games, Ponies, Interesting Stories, Fluttershy
Dislikes: Grimdark, Sad, Bad Shipping, Twist
Quote: Deploying Kindness! I heal with love.

Medicshy is a self-proclaimed writer and actor who became friends with the Supremest crew after he was interviewed for his story, Newsworthy. He is currently working on its sequel, Source Material while also learning his part for upcoming shows, trying to score well in University, and trying to become a good gamer.
In his spare time he reviews fan fiction. His Deviant Art page is http://medicshy.deviantart.com/ and he is always up for a game of Team Fortress 2 when he is on steam (account: [NLR] Medicshy). He is able to be reached by email at Medicshy@gmail.com and can be found on Skype, but is unlikely to actually be on. Be wary, he is a notorious healer, mercenary, liar, critic, and shotgunner of science, but he does just want to be your friend, even if hot lead is needed to show it.

Have a wonderful day everypony!

Your faithful writer,

CHRISTHECAT (Smartass Extraordinaire, Master Prankster and Third Admin)

Name: Christian Rhodes-Wolfe a.k.a ChrisTheCat        Age: 16        Gender: Male
Location:                       ,                  , Victoria, Australia, Earth, The Sol System, The Orion Nebula, The Local Cluster, The Milky Way Galaxy, The Local Supercluster, The Universe, Postcode         
Occupation: Student/Job? What Job?
Likes: Video Games, Ponies, Sadistic Pranks, Reading, Writing, Acting, Singing (to a degree), Science, Intellectual Prowess.
Dislikes: Pretty much everything else.
Quote: "It's not enough for me to succeed in life. Others have to fail in the attempt." -ChrisTheCat

Greetings, fellow Bronies! Why not Pegasisters? Because we all know there are no girls on the Internet.
I'm ChrisTheCat and I came to this site because I was directed here by Medicshy, a talented writer who I admire and respect more than my own mother. I don't know the other admins that well, but I'm sure if they give me a chance, I'll worm my way into their hearts like the vicious little parasite that I really am.
I love to write, and I've been doing so since I was 3 years of age. I'm a huge fan of video games, because it's a world I can actually influence, as opposed to just residing in. Existing is essentially all I am good for, so video games are a good outlet. I enjoy the Mass Effect and Fallout series the most. I like to pull pranks! Try this one: buy 200+ live crickets from the local pet store, and release them into someone's house when they aren't looking. It'll drive them insane! Priceless, truly. My pranks are not very nice, and I'll be the first to admit to it, but they are always fun. For me. I became a Brony around about the time "Putting Your Hoof Down" was released to the general public. It's an infection I have no desire to cure myself of.
A little further random information about me:
My girlfriend is like a trampoline in that I don't have one. My favourite of the Mane Six is Pinkie Pie, because Pinkie Pie. I like long walks on the beach under the moonlight as I ponder where to hide my next victims. I can digest plastic. I'm a huge fan of horror stories! Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft all the way! I speak Hungarian, German, French, Japanese and Latin, none of which I do fluently. I have Asperger's Syndrome, and as such humans confuse me on an hourly basis. I'm a long-time Ben Croshaw fan. If you don't know who that is, we have nothing to say to one another. I have a pet spider named Geoffrey. He's the size of a small dinner plate.
The reviews I do here are all satirical, because that's a part of my charm, and if you don't like it you can make like a Klein Bottle and go suck yourself.

I break wind in your general direction,


Remember, if YOU want to become an admin of our site, just chuck us an email to either NicnNic@live.com or SupremestFFR@gmail.com (preferably Supremest, as he is the head of the site, and I don't wanna have to deal with... the very few... admin requests we might get) and we might even accept! Now wouldn't that be nice?!?!