About us

Hello Brony or Pegasister, Welcome to Supremest Fan Fiction Reviews.
We are DarcySupremest, Medicshy, ChrisTheCat and AxeOfChaos and we will be your reviewers for this fine evening/night/morning/afternoon.
The point of this website is to review Brony fan fiction.
We wanted to make this so we can bring attention to Fan Fictions that deserve it and offer help to fan fiction authors starting out.
Every so often, we will throw up a review of a fan fic that caught our attention and review it as best we can.
We also have a section for you to suggest and send us a fan fiction we may like.
Currently Axe, Medicshy, Chris and I are the only Admins on this website, but we will be looking for more when traffic begins to pick up.
Darcy is considerably nooby with Blogger at the moment, but Axe is getting better so expect the place to be a mess for a little while (Don't worry, Axe has cleaned it up a bit since we started :3).
Keep an eye on us, we have broad visions for this website and where we are headed.
Thanks for reading.
Have a good one everypony!

Darcy, Axe, Chris and Medi