Saturday, February 2, 2013

Review - Dreams of Reality

Holy shhr-frt-herbetnaherk, CONTENT!! And not just any content, REVIEWS!! How long has it been since a review has graced our site... like... months... maybe years! Well, here we are, me, you and a review... It has been a while, hit the break to continue reading, which you were going to do anyway, right?

So, we return to a new year, and month, with a review... and for once it is actually a review someone has SENT to US! This is the first time in my memory this has happened... I woke up a few nights ago, to a little red '1' on the mail app on my Ipod. I clicked, totally expecting to see another 'Your Steam Purchase is complete' email, but only to receive in the inbox 'Review [Dreams of Reality] (suspense) (Drama), which apart from the interesting changes in capital lettering half way through, made me take a second look. To which I was delightfully surprised to have a link to a fan-fiction, signed at the bottom by Summerset Banjo.

Now onto the actual review, thank you Summerset Banjo for being the first person in SFFR memory to actually send us a fan-fic to review... We thank you dearly and will get right onto it.


heh heh, plot :3. Anyway, the main... storyline... is around the happenings on near the end of S3 EP2, in which Twilight is attempting to retrieve the Crystal Heart from where it was hidden. We are then introduced to some things that didn't happen in the show. Voices in Twilight's head, which causes her to blank out. And so we pass to the REAL protagonist of the story, Twilight! Wait... Twilight...? Yes, Twilight, but not real Twilight, the real real Twilight! Twilight Twinkle. The pony who supposedly writes MLP... Yes, I was as confused as you, but supposedly she is in an insane asylum and writes My Little Pony as she thinks it is real (Which it is! Isn't it?). We then find out the evil people of the asylum *woooOOOooo* are trying to get her to stop writing stories, but she manages to finish her story and continue writing more. The End... Yes, that is it.

My initial reaction to this was "There isn't more?". Yes, the author has said it was a one-off, but something this short should just be a trailer... I read it after I had woken up in like 5 minutes... It was a good idea, well written, but a bit short.


The characters in Dreams of Reality are basically your normal MLP cast, but with basically 2 more, Twilight Twinkle and the doctor at the facility, Dr Corby. Twilight Twinkle is basically in an insane asylum for... writing? I think it needs to be explained a bit more why she has been put into an asylum for having creativity and for being a good writer... It doesn't quite make sense to me... But hey, this story was short, no time for character developments!


My final view on Dreams of Reality was, Banjo could have something here, I have seen he has other fan-fics, which I might have to check out and review at some point. But this was a bit short. I was left wanting a little more. There was only 1 grammatical mistake I found (even after Tucker's Mayflower edited it, tsk tsk man, get a better grammar nazi!) which isn't too impressive given the length, but for the length there were good concepts and a whole heap of potential. I would give it 7.5 crazy writer ponies out of 10


I have no pictures for this, as this doesn't have any splash art or the such, so I leave you with this.

It has nothing to do with ponies, but it has to do with our first fan-fic to be sent in so;


Keep it Game Grumpin'

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  1. Thanks for the review Axe. I hope to see more reviews from you guys in the future.

    Also I do have plans for a sequel focusing entirely on Twinkle. Which I might work on once I get closer to finishing Mirrors and Memories. For now though I'm going to try to see if I can get this onto eqd.

    Anyway thank you again for reviewing my story.

    -Summerset Banjo

  2. Um I just realized you guys forgot to add a link to the story. Might want to fix that.

  3. Hi summerset here again. I was curious about your overall policy on submitting fanfics for review. Do they have to be your own or can you submitting fanfics written by other people as well?

    anyway thanks.


  4. Wow, I haven't been here for a while. I assumed this place died after MedicShy and I just...stopped.

    Good to see that isn't the case.