Friday, January 25, 2013

*Loud crashing sound*

*cough cough* *WHEEZE*
*Loud blow*

*Having as much fun as a mongoose on snake Saturday!*

You... *cough cough* stole... *hack* that... *WHEEZE* line from... *splutter* GAMEGRUMPS!!

SFFR is back, well, maybe... Hello peeps, Axe here! I have been gone because... ummm... I don't really have a reason, except for the fact I have been drifting away from ponies at the moment, I haven't watched an episode since S3 E2 and I don't really have the urge to... But if the site is coming back up, as long as I have nothing else to do I guess I will come back...

Darcy, why haven't you told me you had been doing all this crazy shit with Hobo and... Roy? Who is Roy? Never mind, all that matters is, if there is stuff to be done, I guess I can do it.

And Banjo, sure, if you have something for us to review either send it to or to Darcy at his email. (can't remember what it is, check the admin page) We would be glad to review it and hopefully we will see more people around these parts

Oh, right, pictures... ummmmmm... I don't really have any so... vvv INSERT MLP-RELATED PIC HERE vvv

Adios Amigos!



  1. Hi there, I don't have any stories to recommend, but as far as site design I think you could use some sort of index (perhaps in alphabetical order?) so that people can see what exactly has been reviewed and can get easy access to it without having to dredge pages and pages of blogposts.

    I feel this would make the site more appealing to new viewers.

    1. Hey luminous, in response to that, if you search for "review" in our search bar, it should come up with all the reviews we hav done, as we always started all reviews with "Review -" and put a review tag.

      Hope that helps, hope to see you on the site some more!

      Keep it cool,

  2. Thanks for the response guy's. I'll send the story your way as soon as I get it back from my beta reader.

  3. Hi guy's I've got the story ready and i've sent it to axe of chaos email. I look forward to reading the review.