Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Review – Mare Genius

Crossovers! Mad Science! Ponies! Steampunk! What more is there to like, my friends? That's right, NOTHING. Today, the review of Mare Genius, after the break.
(For those who wish to know, this is a crossover with the Girl Genius comics, found here: )
(Mein Gott!)

The Description:
During the battle with the changelings, a trapped Discord manages an undirected spell that reaches across universes to bring an agent of chaos to Equestria. What's brought back more than qualifies.
Steam! Gears! SCIENCE! A very confused Spark! And, eventually, really good coffee.
Here comes Agatha Heterodyne--MARE GENIUS!

The Story:
Discord, displeased with being unable to help with the changeling invasion, brings a ponified Agatha Heterodyne to Equestria, plopping her down on the side of a mountain. After a day of issues involving learning to walk and finding her way, she comes across and makes friends with Gilda, who takes her back to her aerie. After they become more friendly, Gilda takes her out, breaking Agatha's mind slightly before running into Rainbow Dash. She then goes into Ponyville, and, upon realizing she is naked, is rescued from a fashion emergency by none other than Rarity. When that is done, she visits Twilight's Library, and there meets Fluttershy freaking out in the aftermath of a night of drinking. She then goes to Applejack's to get tools and her own horseshoes, where a worry about her past life hits her, but is calmed by Big Mac. She then is found out by Celestia and Twilight to not be an actual mare, and is hit by a Pinkie Party cannon, but fights back, scaring the crap out of everypony and...

That's it. The story mysteriously stopped updating about three months ago and has sat dormant since.

The Characters:
Look, everyone is about right for who they are, apart from a weird thing about Spike essentially being Rarity's assistant and AJ being a bit too suspicious of the new pony while still letting her all through, hunky-dorey. The fact that, otherwise, none of them bothered me is good, and so no notes.

Agatha, on the other hand, is... you know, it's just easier for you to read it than try to explain. Suffice it to say she is complicated and amazing.

Minor tense issues and typos, as well as a slight formula becoming apparent with each new meeting and a distinct lack of plot going anywhere in the six chapters provided, but nothing major. B+.

Well, I was a little disappointed when it ended, so I'd say yes. But I'm sure it would be more so if it were complete.

In Conclusion:
A fun mix of worlds that suffered from a lack of interest on the writer's part, a story worth going over just for fun.

The Link:

And that's all for this week my friends. Have a wonderful day!

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