Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Review – From the Mouths of Fillies

This was sent in a long time ago, and unfortunately was lost in the uncertainty of the previous state of this site. To make up for this, I got on it as fast as I could, and the results are below. The review of From the Mouths of Fillies, after the break!

(Aside, to frame this as well as I can: I have dealt with a lot of death in my life, starting from a young age, and I was able to recognize it and its implications quite quickly. This personal background made the main character feel ignorant instead of innocent, and broke all possible connection I could have had with the story from the start. Then, when it was put in first person, which always bugs me, it was all over and this story was destined for something bad. However, I am going to put myself aside when reviewing it, as I think it's a far better story than the review based on my personal tastes would have given it.

Please keep an open mind and enjoy the review.)

The Description:
Not everything is as it seems when Dinky visits her mother in the hospital.

The Story:
Essentially, the description, with the added back story that the Mane 6 have been helping take care of Dinky and Sparkler ever since Ditzy was diagnosed with cancer, and it seems to be terminal.

The only tag says 'Sad,' so I'm sure you can guess the outcome.

The Characters:
Dinky is the main character and the one the story is told through, and comes across as a very idealistic, not-too-incredibly-bright very young child: the epitome of innocence, and she stalwartly maintains it all the way through. However, she, like everypony else, follows the guidelines of many archetypes needed for this type of story. This is not bad, and it's in fact done well, but it does leave me with little to talk about.

Pacing was fine, and I didn't notice any errors that weren't intentional, and it got the message across, so this was very well done!

If this is your type of thing, I would venture a guess that you'd very much enjoy it. The vast majority of its readers do.

In Conclusion:
A well written little piece of innocence in a dark and trying time. Not the deepest thing in the world, but neither is it without depth. Give it a look if you need a good adorable downer.

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Have a wonderful day everypony!


  1. Ah, thank you you kindly for the review! Don't feel bad about the delay, I understand that these things happen.