Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review - Blizzrendarilious

Here's a story that I saw when it came out and, intrigued by the name, I simply HAD to review. Unfortunately, I had to hold it off because the story was incomplete. However, it has since been marked as complete, and as such, the review shall be written! Without further ado, the review of Blizzrendarilious after the break.

(Madness, thy name is Discord...)

The Description:
Every pony in Ponyville has a story... so what's Screw Loose's story, before she became a mad mare? And what does her past have to do with Discord, the Spirit of Chaos?

The Story:
A young intern at the Ponyville Hospital meets their resident 'pet' and questions what could possibly do that to a pony. She is freaked out by the way they treat her, and....

That's it. It is marked as 'complete' and I will rate it as such.

The Characters:
The only one tagged is Discord, but he is not actually in the story. The characters there are Miss Redheart, Screw Loose, Doctor Oxy, and Vigilant, the guard. All of them apart from Redheart and Screw Loose are completely one dimensional, with Oxy being the pinnacle of a clinical, uncaring doctor and Vigilant quite flippant and gruff with everypony, especially Screw Loose. Redheart is caring, empathetic, but still new to the whole 'medical' field: an odd take on her, in my opinion, but not a bad one. Screw Loose is extremely sad the one time she is personalized, otherwise she acts like a dog.

This is where it failed for me. While the story sets up amazingly, it literally goes nowhere, ending right there after introducing many questions and then not explaining or answering them. The thing was, the questions were forced upon you, and it utterly failed in getting me to care what happened to Screw Loose, the exact opposite of what it was aiming for. A misstep of the highest calibre.

Meh. It did nothing for me. I was intrigued to see it continue, but since it wont, nothing to love, I'm afraid.

In Conclusion:
A unique and possibly interesting take consigned to oblivion. Ignore it and move on.

The Link:

And that's it for this week friends. Hopefully there will be something more substantial once my school schedule sets itself. Until then, have a wonderful day!

Your school bound writer,

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