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Review - Visionary

Now, this review is going to be a bit different for two reasons. 1: I have been following this story from day 1,  though I have waited this long to review it. 2: I am not going to reread the story before I review it. This means the plot/characters are going to be reviewed from memory and impressions rather than cold reading. It won't be quite as in depth, but it should hopefully still be enjoyable.

Anywho, without further ado, here's the review of Visionary after the break!

("I only want to do one thing with my life, Chrysalis. To protect.") 

The Story:
After the defeat of Chrysalis and the demonizing of the changeling race once more, the council decides they need a new direction. They go looking for a new leader with fresh ideas, and find one in one abnormal changeling: Aurus. He is kind where others are conniving, he is honest where others cheat, and instead of wishing to steal love from other races, he wishes to earn it. He is crowned king of the changelings, gaining a massive influx of power from their adoration, then departs to Equestria on a mission of peace. He comes first to Ponyville undisguised, hoping to gain their trust slowly, and does so, once under the protection of Twilight Sparkle and the Elements of Harmony. He then travels to Canterlot, hoping to meet with Princess Celestia and fix his nation's foul image.

However, a coup is planned in his absence by one of the power hungry council members, who convinces the rest to throw Aurus' advisor in prison under suspicions of endangering the king while, at the same time, sending assassins after the changeling king. Aurus is attacked twice by assassins, once on the train, and one in Canterlot, though the second one he captures, convincing it to send back news of his death and act as his eyes during the turmoil. He then trains under Twilight and the Princesses, learning magic to take his nation back. When his usurper makes his move, Aurus returns...

and this is where the story is now. Now one thing I skipped over was a very well done shipping subplot, but I'll let you find that one out. Personally, I really like how it is unfolding, but I might be biased due to the amount of poor shipping the target usually gets. Besides, it's a battleship. You've got to love it.

The Characters:
There are many, many characters in this story, most of them actually important to the plot, so in order to not have this section go on for hours, I will only actually cover Aurus. This is because the others are all pretty much in character, and really, there's not much to say about something like that.

Down to brass tacks: Aurus is a wonderful character for one reason: he literally never hides anything. Not from the readers, not from those around him, not at all. This doesn't mean he can't lie, it just means that he doesn't enjoy doing so. He is genuinely goodhearted, not at all a politician, not at all wanting to lead or any of the power that comes with it... basically, exactly what an ideal leader should be. He is a joy to read about, and I wish I weren't so biased about it, but... I really like changelings, I really like this type of character, and thus, I can't help but gush a bit.

No typos at all anymore, as they have been pounced on and fixed, and pacing and everything else flows freely. There's one arguable point of a MacGuffin arriving and some very convenient things happening, but they're all presented and explained well enough that, really, it can't be held against the story. No issues here!

Definitely. Intrigue, adventure, a touch of romance, changelings, ponies... what's not to love? If nothing else, watching the battleship build and set sail was truly majestic, to say the least. (By the way: from the author's page: Battleshipping [verb] - When a fanfiction writer takes two or more love interests and creates a major plot conflict that either stems from the shipping itself, or can only be resolved by the shipping.)

In Conclusion:
An exceptional story full of lovable characters and a strong plot. In my humble opinion, a must read! ~Medicshy Approved.

The Link:

And that is it for this review, my friends! I know, I know, it's a little late, and I have a good explanation that nobody will want to hear, so instead have some pinkie pyro courtesy of a Google image search. 
Have a wonderful day everypony! And happy July 4th to any fellow Americans out there!

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