Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review – Good Timing

It's hell week for my show, so unfortunately I'm a tad indisposed for reading, so have a quick review! Good Timing after the break!

The Story:
Big Mac is left alone, and uses the time for a personal project, a time machine. Wackiness ensues.

The Characters:
Big Mac is the only real character, a brilliant mind too self-absorbed to bother making friends and who makes sure to hide his intellect. It's amusing.

It's done fairly well, paced okay, only one typo. Not badly executed at all.

Even though there's really not much to say about it... yeah, I liked it. It was amusing. Not spectacular, but not bad at all.

In Conclusion:
A fun little glimpse at pony prehistory, give it a look if you have some time spare.

The Link:

And that's all for this one! Wasn't much there, was there... Oh well, next week.

Your futuristic writer,

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