Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Review – Snit

Nothing special for the 10,000th view, I'm afraid, just another story on the list to bring to all of your attentions. Here's the review of Snit after the break!

(If it involves Twilight and that face, it's bound to be a good time.)

The Story:
Princess Celestia, angry after the affair at the Royal Wedding, locks herself in her room, shocking most of Canterlot Castle in the process. Princess Luna, annoyed at the overreaction of the ponies, confronts her sister, only to find her very drunk. She goads Celestia, starting a fight between the two that brings them tumbling all the way down the mountain and into Twilight Sparkle's tree. After that, the three ponies talk and drink for a bit before spending the night together (if you know what I mean). The next day, all three of them are in quite the state as they try to make sense of the night before, ending with... You know, I'm not going to spoil it.

The Characters:
Princess Luna Revenio (apparently), Princess (Celly) Celestia, and Twilight Sparkle are the three mares in the story and... it is very difficult to figure out their characters. They're all three things the whole time: drunk, martyrs, and not in their right mind. Luna is in her more assertive version of fanfic personality, but not a huge amount to say here.

Nothing executed wrong that I caught, but I definitely would have liked to see deeper characters and possibly a bit more insight at points otherwise skipped over. Just a change of pacing, but the author's voices weren't wrong, just not one I would have picked.

It's not bad on its own, per se, but I wasn't particularly drawn into it. It had some interesting stuff, but I don't find ponies fooling around while drunk nearly as amusing as others do, so don't dote on my opinion as a final say.

In Conclusion:
An interesting little story that's not badly written, look it up if you want to see a different side of the Princesses.

The Link:

And that's all for this one. However, I can give you something you might be more excited about: my next review will be Past Sins, and while I'm not going to promise anything, I shall try to get Pen Stroke to give me an interview, or at least answer a few questions over email.

Anywho, have a wonderful day everypony!

Your sober writer,

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  1. You see, this is a nice contrast to how I review.

    Can't actually say I enjoyed the story though. Literally; not my satire dislike. Actual dislike.