Monday, June 25, 2012

I have just had the most brilliant idea.

I truly believe that the best inspiration comes to me when I am face down on my pillow trying to get to sleep. So I like buddy cop movies, British humor and spectacular and vibrant/violent gunfights. What movie has both funny British humor, buddy cop action and the single most specfuckintacular gunfight in cinema? Hot-Fuzz. The single best movie I have ever seen in my life followed closly by Paulie and Scott Pilgrim. And I want to ponyfy it. Hot Fuzz and ponies. Like sometimes I amaze myself with my ideas, so many times I have to tell my self 'Humanity is yet to see my brilliance' I have yet to think of a name, I was thinking maybe 'Hooves of The Law" or maybe 'Bridle Justice' Oh totally Bridle Justice, yeah, yeah this is all coming together! Good Night guys. ~DarcySupremest

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  1. It was something like that that caused my next fiction to not be a continuation of the Ink Well saga, but instead a ponified version of Deadly Premonition. I saw the let's play, saw the amazing quirkiness of the game, and went. "You know what this murder mystery with supernatural elements needs? Ponies."