Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Challenge to the other mods!

Someone else post something or I am sending Flutterkoma after you.
I've already asked her to politely ask you with her machine guns to remember the site, and she will do it.

I know it's summer, and you all want to be out having fun. Even I'm busy, but that doesn't mean you can let your followers down!

If nothing changes by Tuesday, I will be forced to enact daily review mode once more, and nobody wants to see that...

Your solo writer,


  1. Actually, the daily review thing wouldn't be so bad.

    Nevertheless, I am currently working on something. It hour be up in a few hours.

    1. So you want quality reviews, or quick reviews. I can do dailies, but they won't be nearly as good as the ones I actually sink my teeth into.

    2. Ah. I don't tend to make that distinction.

      Also, it's winter where all the other mods are.

    3. Right, forgot about that whole other hemisphere thing... So you're in the middle of the huge winter break then, whatever, argument is still partially (not really) valid (at all).

  2. Still reading My Little Metro, and I don't like to review without first reading the whole story.
    I dunno about axe though, I'll kick his ass into gear tommorrow

  3. Shhh, Diablo!

    Posting, posting, keep your hooves on!