Monday, June 4, 2012


10,000 views, everypony! PAAAARTY!

We've done it. Ten-thousand views, baby! And it's all thanks to you guys. Definitely not from me refreshing the homepage hundreds of times. No, that would be ridiculous. *cough* 

Several milestones have passed, most of which I wasn't here for. The site came into existence as the lovechild of DarcySupremest and AxeOfChaos almost a full year ago. A few reviews later and Medicshy was on board as well, befriending the Admins and being the only non-Australian admin. He still is, actually. 

From there, there were several interviews, including that of the famous Kkat of Fallout: Equestria, and the views rose steadily from there. Then some other stuff happened, and then my story got reviewed, and the best thing that has ever happened to this site before or since reared his ugly head: ME! 

Seriously though, this site is so great all thanks to the efforts of the other three admins. And not just them. We wouldn't be where we are now without the viewers! You guys are the reason we do what we do, so be proud. You're just as much to blame as responsible for this as we are. 

Now, we party like it's 1999, which doesn't make sense because the passing of 2000 years would be at the end of the year 2000, but you get my point! Let's make Pinkie Pie proud! 

See you at 20,000!

This is ChrisTheCat, signing off on a positive note (for once).

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