Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Review – Treasure in the West

Now, to be honest, the instant I saw this story hit the front of EQD, I knew I was going to like it. Since I had nothing planned for today, I even decided it needed reviewing.

I made a good call. The review of Treasure in the West, after the break!

(He kind of reminds me of Vash the Stampede in this picture... I like it!)

The Story:
The Apple family farm is having issues in Appleoosa as a freak heat wave is destroying the crops, hurting their already poor sales. On the day of his birth, Braeburn is out working, trying to save the few good apples, when Applejack pays him a surprise visit and saves him from dehydration. When brought back inside, his father presents him with the family Marechester rifle, Thumper, and he discovers the family knack for sharpshooting soon after. That evening, he is visited by Daring Do herself, who not only explains her own existence, but talks about Cunning the Colt's treasure and how she needs an assistant, willing to give him a lot of money for his help. With the state of the farm, he is unable to refuse, and so agrees. They set off the next day to Dodge Junction, and immediately he makes his presence known when he stops an escaped criminal with one amazing shot. Then he and his friend Daring set out to begin their search.

And that's as far as the plot goes, at the moment. The story is four chapters in, all popping up today, so I don't know when the next update is likely to be, but I have good feelings for it.

The Characters:
The leads are Braeburn and Daring Do, an unlikely pair to be sure, but one I find quite interesting. Braeburn is surprisingly hard to describe, being exceedingly able to deflect praise and attention from himself and hide a lot of restlessness he's been building up, while at the same time being hard working, proud, and thoughtful. He's been in a relatively lonesome life, forced to do not much but work since Appleloosa's founding, and thus doesn't have a lot of friends to speak of or many motivations past the farm. It's a bit dry and a lot different from the excitable, outspoken colt from his one episode in the show, but I don't think it's a bad take on the character. I can see a lot of interesting things coming out of this, and am intrigued as to where the author plans to go. Daring Do, on the other hoof, is excitable, faithful, full of adventure, and a rather talented actress, even if she does like to keep herself to herself. She doesn't like to talk about herself, while she is very interested in those around her, so I haven't gotten much of a feel for her past. However, it's kind of funny the description given for her, and it makes more sense than you'd think. I'm slightly surprised at how much money she seems to have kicking around as an archaeologist/adventurer, but I'm not one to question things being awesome. The biggest players for supporting roles to start are the other seen members of the Apple family, Applejack and Bullet Thyme, though this may change as the story goes on. Applejack... something about her seems off. The wording and accent aren't quite right, and she doesn't feel quite the pony from the show, but she isn't a bad character at all. No real complaints there! Bullet Thyme is Braeburn's father, who is a riflepony that married into the Apple family and seems quite the hard worker and gruff gentlecolt, though he also seems quite able to act a kinder part if need be. He's fleshed out, well done, and I actually hope to see more of him near the story's end.

There wasn't anything wrong with it that I could find. Maybe the barest hints of something not quite 100%, like a few too many italics for my taste, or the string of coincidences that had to happen to make the story happen being a little unbelievable, or maybe the pacing being just a touch too slow for my liking, but any complaint I might have is so minor it is hardly worth mentioning. It is darn near perfectly executed, a real joy to see!

Yes. It is sizing up to be one heck of an adventure, and while not a lot has happened as of yet, I can't wait to see where it is going. You, sir, are a talented author, a talented artist (he did his own cover), and shouldn't stop whatever it is you're doing, because it is working!

In Conclusion:
If you like adventure, ponies with guns, Daring Do, or ponies in general, give this story a read. If you're a wild west, gun, and pony aficionado like me, you cannot afford to miss this story. Seriously, as soon as you have some free time, read this thing. ~Medicshy Approved!

The Link:

And that is all for this review, my friends! This will probably count as my weekly review, but who knows? I might get some extra reading done this week. We'll see. Either way, have a wonderful day everypony!

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  1. I'm not a big fan of Spagettie Western, but I may give it a shot anyway, because why not? I have very little to do with my time.