Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Review - ... But the Kitchen Sink

Everypony knows that, in the Brony fandom, Rainbow Dash ships with everything but the kitchen sink. With this fic we can finally change that but to an and. … But the Kitchen Sink, after the break!


The Story:
Rainbow Dash visits Sugarcube Corner after spending a lovely day out with Pinkie Pie, entering the newly refurbished kitchen after the promise of cupcakes (don't worry, the story is playful and light). There she meets the most wonderful sink, his beautiful chrome coat glistening in the sun, the drips from his faucet blowing in the breeze, and she is smitten, unfortunately getting herself kicked out of the kitchen as she tries to hide her own attraction. The rest of the story contains how the two star-crossed lovers reunite and find true happiness in this most unlikely pairing.

The Characters:
Rainbow Dash is herself in just about every way, shape, and from, apart from her fatal attraction to plumbing. She even does a good job of denying it, acting tough and cool. But it is inevitable, and even she falls into the perils of love, though maintaining character, which is always nice. Pinkie Pie starts off her simple random bubbly self, but later on plays match maker for the two lovebirds she got together. She may not be in the main pairing, but she is definitely the unintended ringleader and works well in the position. And then of course there's Sink. Sink is a magnificent specimen of kitchenware, with a dazzling strong and durable chrome coat, a large basin that can fit practically anything, and advanced pumping action. He is a little rude with his gurgles and drips, not one to keep around the foals, but just get him going and he can steam up a room in moments. Never has one inanimate object had so much character (Well, maybe Plank from Ed, Edd, and Eddy, but he had an unfair advantage and much more time to develop).

All the Cakes except the Mr. and Rarity also play minor roles in this piece, but for the most part they stick to stereotypes and help the plot along, so they aren't much worth mentioning, but neither are they thrown away, something done much too often in stories like these.

Very well done. Nary a spelling or grammar error to be seen on my end, with timings and transitions done quite smoothly. And for such an interesting premise with much room for error, seeing a tight story come out of it is a nice surprise. Even elements like breaking the fourth wall and destroying physics are used to good comedic effect without destroying the story. Very well executed!

Well, I sure did, but I really needed a dose of ridiculousness this evening. This story does not have a serious bone in its skeleton and is exactly what it says on the tin, and if that's what you are looking for, this is definitely enjoyable. If not, go find something darker and less shippy, there's plenty of that out there too.

In Conclusion:
A lulzy concept executed quite well. Maybe now we'll finally get some respite from the all this shipping going on and get back to the important bit: colorful magic ponies making normal, not-kissy friends with each other in a fantastical paradise.

But probably not. Either way, ~Medicshy Approved!

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And that is all for this week! Tune in next week for 'I have no clue what I'm going to write about yet'. However, finals will be over after that, so it may be time to clean out some of my 'To read' list again. Who knows?

And on a side note, since the site seems to be quieter than usual I will try to figure out a way to spice things up. Probably just about the worst pony for the job, but there it is. Anywho, have a wonderful week everypony!

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  1. I was already honored that my fic got a great review.

    Then I saw that MedicShy, the writer of one of my favorite fics of all time (Newsworthy) was the reviewer.