Saturday, May 19, 2012

Being responsible

I'm tired, it's late, I have a migrane and I can't sleep because of a driving test tommorrow. Recently the Author of To Fix You had replied to my admin medic about his review and apparently he was saddened and now medic is beating himself up over it. As nice as we all try to be in our reviews "except me and Chris :3 you have to understand we are critics, as artists of a medium you always strive to be your best, and nothing can improve unless you find out was wrong and fix it. If something in your story was wrong or weird instead of being depressed by the fact not everybody likes the story but instead take what criticism you have been given and take the advise to improve your work. No story is perfect, heck I'll say it now the masterpiece that is Fallout Equestria, despite how unbelievably good it is the second story arc know as the Red Eye arc and the Black Book arc's was solved ENTIRELY by a Deux ex machina. A very weak one at that, and this annoys to the endth degree and every time I think about it it annoys the heck out o me. However, Kkat doesn't cry and get depressed when this was pointed out to her, she willing admired she ballz'd up and moved on gaining incite so she could avoid it in the future. Don't be one of 'those' guys, be an author who can take criticism and can learn from his or her mistakes. And please, stop making my reviewers depressed, I need them to run a website. Had a good one. ~DarcySupremest *Collapses into a heap and falls asleep*


  1. When was it that the author responded to Medic... I've been wanting a interview with him for a while! I agree though, all criticism should be taken on board, and if someone doesn't like what you have done, go back and try to improve. I still think To Fix You was a good story :)

    1. To fix you wasn't bad. could have been better, but wasn't bad at all. it was the followup that turned my view sour.