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Review – Past Sins

In the final installment of ~Medicshy Catchup Week, I am happy to announce that today went absolutely fantastically, leaving me with an entire day to simply read and put my full thoughts around this wonderful fic that I have had on my reading list forever. Ultimately, I think you will like the results. Past Sins, after the break. Who we were is not who we will become.

APRIL FOOLS! Today went horribly, I got stuck in a six hour project that isn't even done yet at work, I'm behind on my homework, I have to wake up early tomorrow, and to top it all off, I picked a fairly mediocre piece of work to review, even if the characters fit perfectly for April 1st. It's Harmonic Chaos right now! Can boredom make the gods weep?

Review - Harmonic Chaos

The Story:

Pinkie Pie visits Discord at his eternal prison, still remorseful two years later for the actions she had to take against him. Yet during her weekly visitation as she tell him of the happenings since the last, a voice answers back with promises she has only wished for.

The Characters:

Pinkie Pie and Discord are the only two characters and... well, I don't like them in this story. Pinkie is emotional (mostly sad) and torn the entire time by a love that is not explained or grown upon, but simply is. She parties not, she dances not, she sings not, she just sits like a wishy-washy lump as the story plays out. Discord on the other hoof is alright, calm considering the scenario and still as omnipotent as he can be from his stone cell, but he's just not nearly lively or happy enough to be the character I like. I suppose that's just what happens when you take the two chaotic happy bubbly characters in a story and try to make it some sad romance. And speaking of which...


There were a few minor typos, which is irksome in a story of such short length, and the descriptions were hazy at best, but the real falling point was the romance. It was supposed to be there, some love that had bloomed and then been cut short as Discord went to far, but nothing ever showed up to show why it was there so it just felt forced! Pinkie's feelings drive her every action, but they are unsubstantiated, so she just feels flatter than Bella from Twilight. Combined with all of the chances to show the two interacting and being lovey being tossed aside in rushed plot to get the story going along its very short track it just didn't sell it for me.


Despite all I am saying the story isn't bad per se, it's just dull. Two dull as dishwater characters talking about some dull little imagined romance in a dull little setting, which is only tragic because the two characters are the most lively, entertaining, and energetic ones in the whole show! High expectations make the work seem worse than it is, but one should never aim for simply okay.

In Conclusion:

A misstep on a ship that had a lot of potential, this is a story you may want to pass over.

The Link:

And that is it for catchup week! I will be returning later with the regularly scheduled single weekly review, but I am glad to have cleaned up some of my backed up reading list. This may happen again the next time I get a break, but until then, have a wonderful day everypony!

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