Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review - Two and Two and Two

Hello my friends! A short one this week, but it's a good one, that I can guarantee! I mean, it's about Pinkie Pie! What's not to love? Without further ado, here's the review of Two and Two and Two for you! Tootaloo!

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The Story:

Well, it's a short one, so here's all I can give you: Rarity is visiting Twilight Sparkle for her weekly spa trip (Fluttershy busy with a bunny census) and find her reading up on the Elements of Harmony after Matilda (the female donkey from A Friend In Deed) mentioned Pinkie's amazing ability to have six hooves when counting off in pairs. Twilight thinks it has some harmonious connection and so tests it with... interesting results, for both her and the rest of the bearers of the elements, all two and two and two total.

The Characters:

All elements present and accounted for are themselves, though if you didn't know it from before you certainly wouldn't find out now. I was actually more surprised by the missing character: Pinkie Pie. You'd think she'd be in a story about her, but she's just the catalyst to get it all going. Then again, she wouldn't find it weird anyhow.


It is very well done, and just the right length to make sure the joke doesn't get overdone. At just under one and one and one thousand words, it doesn't have much time to develop character or a deep plot or anything, but it accomplishes exactly what it meant to in the small amount of space it had.


I liked it. Not rolling on the floor funny, but definitely an amusingly cute read if you've got some spare time.

In Conclusion:

Take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and give this story a read, it'll bring a smile to your face.

The Link:

And that's all for this week my friends! I'll talk to everypony next time!

Your faithful...

Huh, that's a rather short review up there isn't it? But, it does give me time for two less two plus two orders of business! One: Just out of curiosity, even if you truly aren't compelled to do so, could you leave a comment below when you visit? I just want to know if anypony is seeing this, though I suppose the views counter proves somepony is. Either that or the site got 6200 misclicks.

Anywho, on to Two: Next week I am on spring break, and I though that would be a good time to catch up on my reading backlog for the site. Expect an update a night all next week my friends, I've got the reading bug and there's no cure like ponies!

With that out of the way, let's wrap it up for real! Have a wonderful evening everypony!

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