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Review – The Three Whooves

Hello friends! Running a little late with this evening's one, but unfortunately I cannot time travel like the subject of tonight's in-progress story. I'm rather fond of this one though, so I'm just going to get right to it. Here's The Three Whooves, after the break!

The Story:

John Smith, our friendly neighborhood Time Charger, is enjoying an evening with his children Dinky and Sparkler and his wife Ditzy when his TaRDiS beeps, signaling an upcoming cessation of being to occur to Equestria, causing all of them to pile into the blue barn and escape. Meantime, UNIT Advisor 'The Doctor' and his assistant Savory have gotten a similar beep in their blue box, and they make their escape with the only chance they have. Further along, 'Top Hat' and Ripple Pond are going for a romp in space-time when their box beeps, bringing them to a secluded hilltop to meet two similar blue barns. They then travel as a group to Violet Springs, a town with disappearing ponies, to discover something is amiss. I don't want to go much further, suffice it to say, nothing can stop the Smooze

The Characters:

John Smith, the brown earth pony 10th Doctor, is very well portrayed. Balancing his time duties with his familial ones I can just see Tennant oozing out of every aspect of the character. Top Hat, the 11th Doctor, is also very much himself, though it seems odd thinking of him evolving from the portrayed version of the previous. The Doctor holding the title is the third, and while unfortunately I am not nearly as knowledgeable of the older Doctors, it is safe to assume that he is very well in character, and definitely fits what little I've seen of him. The companions are also both accurate allegories, so I'll then skip onto the rest of the Smith family. Ditzy is John's wife, a strong unstoppable mare unfortunately cursed not only with crossed eyes but aphasia, and I love her character far more than I should, though I wish everypony weren't developed quite as shallowly as they are, as she has a definite feel of stereotypical mother mixed in with the Doctor's influence. Dinky is an unusually gifted foal revealed to be born under questionable circumstances, and I like where her character is going as well, and then there is Sparkler, who was apparently saved at Pombrey from the lava and has shown surprising ability to adapt to new societies and defend loved ones. There is also Picket, whose very nature is a spoiler, but who is another character to be loved and adored and who actually doesn't need more development. Overall though I wish there were more time for character development, but with the way it's written all of the characters have to run off of previous knowledge and archetypes, and that isn't a hindrance against the story.


Very well done. Though there are the occasional typos they are minor and far between, and so can be excused. What is slightly worse for me personally as a reader is the pacing. The story moves very quickly, skipping many chances for deep characterization and heavy description to keep the action and the tension high and keep an air of mystery. While it works, I do wish it would slow slightly as I wish to see more development character wise, and occasionally I did find myself flung from a scene trying to figure out who was saying/doing what in what order.

Edit: Immediately after posting I reread the last part and caught many more typos and a mention of a hand, so apparently there's a bit of hit and miss in the editing process. Still nothing distracting, but then I am looking for it.


Oh I thoroughly enjoy it, but then I am biased towards Doctor Who, time shenanigans, and ponies equally, so it's right up my alley. Everything is exciting, well written, and strong enough on its own that anypony who likes reading sci-fi should enjoy the work.

In Conclusion:

This is, by far, the most interesting Doctor Whooves work I have read for a lot of reasons. While I disagree with a few of the writing choices as a writer, as a reader they work well and should be maintained. I would definitely point anyone who asked in the direction of this piece. ~Medicshy approved!

The Link:

And that is all for tonight! Have a good evening and I shall see you all again tomorrow!

Your timey-wimey writer,


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