Thursday, March 29, 2012

Review - Shipping Goggles

Now tell me this hasn't happened to you: you're watching a show, everyone minding their own business, when suddenly a friend comes up and is like “Wow, those two would make a really cute couple!” and then try as you might you can't get the picture of those two characters together out of your head. Well, now imagine something like that happened in real life. Also imagine you were a pony...

...huh? Oh, sorry, lost in happy pony thoughts. No clue where I was going with that one. Anywho, here's a look at the sad truth of shipping. Shipping Goggles after the break!

(Yes Rarity, it would be cute. Now put the dolls down.)

The Story:

Everypony except Applejack is at Sugarcube Corner, Rainbow and Pinkie in the aftermath of a massive whipped cream fight and the rest patiently waiting for them when suddenly an idea strikes Rarity. Rainbow and Pinkie are obviously in love, they just don't know it yet! Lost in her daydream of what she thought was happening as the two cleaned up, she is interrupted by Twilight, who knows that look in her eyes, and calmly explains that just because she sees something doesn't mean it's there. Of course, logic never stops the true romantic.

The Characters:

Really, everypony is pretty much themselves apart from Rarity, who has been hitting the slashfics pretty hard and wants to ship just about everypony with everypony else. If I hadn't been able to see her trying to do it I might have called it out of character...


Everything was well executed, no typos or grammatical errors and no real pacing issues, but any story that literally ends with a variation of “and then they f**ked” probably needs to work on its conclusion. If not for the way the ending was worded it would have been flawless.


Well, until the very last sentence, yes I liked it. It was a fun popcorn story that was amusing and placed shipping writers in a bit of a parodic (I don't care that it isn't a word, it makes sense and I'm using it anyway) light. Really, just that one sentence is what knocked this from a “go read it” story to a “it's not bad” story, so take it at its own merit.

In Conclusion:

Not bad at all, though some choices should have probably been avoided. If you like making fun of shippers, give it a read.

The Link:

And that's all for today. Sorry for the short one, but my computer's power charger just spontaneously melted and I needed to save power for school matters. When my new one arrives (hopefully) tomorrow I'll be back with another longer fic. Until then, have a wonderful day everypony!

Your shipless writer,


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