Saturday, March 31, 2012

Review – “For I am a Jelly God”

Jam or jelly? Which do you prefer? I always thought of them as very similar, but apparently knowing the difference may be the key to keep us from the sweetest apocalypse known to pony kind. It's “For I am a Jelly God” after the break! Delicious!

(Hugh Jelly still kind of creeps me out...)

The Story:

Early one morning Ponyville finds itself amidst the clutches of a sticky yummy doom as blobs of jelly descend upon the town, devouring everypony in their way. Twilight fights valiantly against the mass, but as the few friends she manages to save escape, she turns to her antagonist, crying out against the impossibility and demanding answers. However, nothing can stop the Smooze. Nothing except one determined purple unicorn and her rainbow-maned friend.

The Characters:

Everypony makes an appearance, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, the entire Mane 6, Spike, Angel, Derpy, the Princess, everypony, but most of them aren't all that characterized. They stick mostly to their show forms and it's relied upon that you know those to know the characters. Twilight fudges character at one point right near the climax, and so does Angel as he's riding Fluttershy, but otherwise no surprises and no deviation, just the ones we know.


It wasn't bad at all. Some interesting choices with pacing, particularly during fight scenes, but nothing actually to take points away from. Grammar was correct, spelling was correct, nothing outstanding, but nothing bad either.


Like I said above, it was nothing outstanding, but I liked the story. It lost something for me when the jelly stopped being possibly some mystical jelly controlling horror and was just the eldritch Smooze again, but that's me seeing the Smooze so often that it's losing something personally. I mean, I'm getting tired of having to write “Nothing can stop the Smooze” in my story synopsis sections, so the Gen 4 animators need to give us a new all-powerful horror to write into every story so we can lay the Gen 1 beast to rest.

In Conclusion:

Not a bad story, good for a bit of a jelly-based laugh, but don't expect it to revolutionize comedic horror stories any time soon.

The Link:

And that is all for today. Man... I want something sweet now. I wonder if there's any jelly left in the house...

Just one more review in my catchup week, so for those of you tired of my updates, your wish will soon be granted. Until then, have a wonderful day everypony!

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