Monday, March 26, 2012

Review – Flutterlich

Hello gang! Kicking off Medicshy catch up review week with a relative newcomer to the reading list, an intriguing bit of dark fantasy surrounding everyone's favorite kind pony. A descent into forbidden lore, tis Flutterlich at your beck and call.

(even evil she is still adorable!)

The Story:

This story is still in progress, but here it is so far: Seeking after an escaped rooster, Fluttershy and Angel go deep into the Everfree Forest and stumble upon a mystical grove pulsating with a foreboding power, which itself emanates from a runic circle. Fluttershy accidentally sets the magic circle off, causing her appearance to shift slightly, a dark voice to whisper in her ear, and somehow her recently deceased rooster to revive. Tired from the ordeal, she travels back to her cottage only to find her remaining chickens with a severe case of death... and yet, she knows that she can fix it, and unleashes the same power that revived her first rooster on the rest, leaving a whole clutch of clucking chickens. The next day she awakens to a worried Angel, who points out a few oddities around the house. Fluttershy is scared by the changes, but decides to wait them out, hoping to keep everything under control. Unfortunately, fate had other plans, and after a particularly frightening display of her untold power, Fluttershy decides to seek Twilight's help.

The Characters:

Fluttershy is herself, very fearful, extremely compelled to help her animal friends, and somehow resolute even in those times of extreme fear. While I wish she'd show a bit more emotion than her current waffling between fear and composure, the story doesn't exactly warrant it in its dark depths. I fear it will never show her with her innocent happiness again. Yet every step of the way Angel is by her side, the fluffy companion his usual silent self. He shows more emotion here than his usual flippant self, but it is well warranted and I really like the character he is becoming. However there is an antagonist, of course, in the form of The Voice. It has been given a form in Fluttershy's mind, but The Voice is what compels her through her transformation. It has its own agenda, and though it offers the best for its host, it has a clear plan in mind.


Story wise it is executed well, with the pacing appropriate for the scene and everything building well. However, occasional typos, fun with misplaced punctuation, repetitious word use (particularly around descriptions), and a slightly excessive bit of high language could easily factor against the story's favor. All in all, though, if one can get past these it is well done so far.


Yes. It is well done, and though dark and tragic, it leaves me compelled to find out the eventual outcome rather than frightened, off-put, depressed or disgusted. I empathize with the tribulations of the gentle pony, even as it all goes wrong, and while not everyone enjoys this type of story, those that do should find this a good read.

In Conclusion:

A very promising dark story of the unintentional descent of our favorite kind pony into the bowels of forbidden magics, I await the rest of it with interest piqued, whatever the outcome.

The Link:

And that is it for the first day. I hope you all enjoyed the review, enjoy the story, and don't hate me by the end of the week. Though the vote is not completed yet, I think I'm already seeing the outcome, and I'll try to tailor the week to it. In any case, have a wonderful day everypony!

Your undead writer,


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