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Review - Bureaucracy is Magic

Hey there everypony! Sorry to be running a little late on this review, but it's a good one, so I hope that makes up for it! Trouble in office, it's Bureaucracy is Magic after the break.

We're all mad here.

The Story:

Ivory Scroll, Mayor of Ponyville, is in a meeting with Twilight Sparkle when, one by one, each of the other Mane Six (apart from Fluttershy, who of course is polite and out of the way as she waits for her appointment) burst into her office with various demands for actions to be taken. Finally, the Mayor has enough, leaving on a week long vacation and leaving the Mane Six in charge. Of course, they all have their own plans to lead, and each get their chance to learn a valuable lesson about politics. Unfortunately, delving deeper would just place us in each of their scenarios, which I think are well done, but should not be spoiled, because where is the fun in that?

The Characters:

Honestly this writer knows how to stick to given characters! Give them a medal for it, because even with quite the cast of heroes and hindrances, every needed emotion and reason was provided, making for great characterization despite the short time each got. Ivory Scroll (more commonly known as Mayor Mare). Twilight Sparkle is well done, neat and orderly and breaking down exactly as I imagined it would go in the show. Could have used a touch more crazy, but I'll let that pass, because otherwise she is a shining example of canon transferred into fanon: no distortions needed. Applejack is the stubborn farmer we know and love, playing the part perfectly despite one personal issue I had with how quickly she gave up her mayoral shot. Otherwise she's show accurate and interesting to boot

, a real treat for the poor gal. Pinkie Pie is Pinkie Pie, perfectly unintelligible, while Rarity is... well, fan-fiction Rarity. A bit of the seductress, a touch of the diva, and a tad too much character I don't like in a character, but she is well within regulations for show accurate (especially with her most recent appearances) and as such fits the bill well. Rainbow Dash is true to form, though a tad more violent than the show normally calls for. Still, I don't see it as out of character considering the circumstances, and the rest is definitely spot on. Fluttershy... is amazing! This is what a Fluttershy in a story is supposed to be, this is the reason Fluttershy is my candidate for president, this is the reason Fluttershy is my avatar, this is the reason that Fluttershy is undoubtedly, despite any dalliance I have with others claiming the title momentarily, best pony. I don't even care that I saw her part coming a mile away, it was still great to read.


Now, despite all of my gushing previously I do have two qualms. The first is that there were many many instances of words being repeated too often right next to each other, which could have been a simple fix with a thesaurus or some clever phrasing, but really was minor and doesn't detract from the overall experience. The second one is unforgivable, a faux pas of the highest magnitude in any work relating even on the fringe to ponies: incorrect anatomy usage. Specifically, on page four, the phrase “knuckle down” was used. Ponies have no knuckles, this is not an acceptable piece of slang for the universe, and it must be destroyed and/or replaced. I suggest “elbow grease,” but that's just me.


Oh yes. It is a fantastic read filled with all of the reasons why I completely distrust the bureaucratic system and why I absolutely love this show and the fan base surrounding it. It is exceptionally written, gets the message it needs to across without dragging on for chapters and chapters, and is just a fun read!

In Conclusion:

This story could totally be an episode for the show, it's that well written. I heartily suggest you go read it! ~Medicshy (and Fluttershy) Approved!

The Link:

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