Monday, February 6, 2012


The video of the interview is a rendering as we speak and the file is huge so sadly the video will have to be uploaded tomorrow so lets just get the review out of the way shall we?
LINKEMS to the fic

So here we go

Sadly me and Sales didn’t really talk that much, Every time I was about to start typing I got pulled away by some real life issue so I couldn’t actually do it so we never really talked, except for a few times.
But That’s not important whats important is the Forgotten Light review and the video interview he agreed to do, in which I was sweating bullets hoping I didn’t mess it up, like my 9 year old school girl Nancy voice breaking at the wrong time...

But Lets get back to why we are actually here.

The plot revolves around Silver, a pegasus who wakes up in an unmarked Stable and learns he was experiment and he can use telekinesis despite being a pegasus which is an interesting concept.

It has some of the same issues Best Laid Plans had, as in the world doesn’t seem to particularly feel very post apocalyptic.
Another problem is transition, some scenes really seem to only be there to say “He is now walking out the Stable door” which are only around 5 lines long and sort of go down the drain.
With next to no impact other than establishing another shot.
For example look at the scene where he opens the stable door.
In some of the others it's a big moment, the great iron gear screeching out of place the klaxons blaring.
But in Forgotten light it's over and done with I pretty much 6 lines.
I'm not saying go back and edit these things I'm saying that you should keep an eye on your scenes.
Hoping skipping and jumping over scenes in a manner such as that makes the story feel rushed.
I have also noticed a few spelling mistakes, I don’t know if they were a slip of the hand on your keyboard, or just an Auto correct derp, but I would keep and eye out for them

As for the characters, there's no way I can talk about them in depth without a bit of spoilage so I will only talk about Minute things such as my thoughts in this part I will say that the character development is decent and they are 3 dimensional.
The best character has to be Silver, he gets the most character development so obviously he would.
But anything more that that and I may risk spoiling the story which I have been trying to crack down on.
So read the first few chapters yourself which I would always recommend

The dialogue is believable and sounds like two people are talking which is not an achievement many side fics get so props to Sales.

Wow we have a short one today, I apologise but I can’t think of anything else to say but In conclusion It is a good read, and I personally think a great gateway fic into the vastly huge Side Fic community that we made.
Perhaps when this week is over me and Sales can talk more, but until then.
I am DarcySupremest.
and welcome to Fallout Equestria Week.


  1. "It has some of the same issues Best Laid Plans had, as in the world doesn’t seem to particularly feel very post apocalyptic."

    Interesting, though the comment makes me feel you should have posted BLP first.

    1. Personally, I'd have done them chronologically so as to avoid any possible confusion, but I'm not going to- *Whack! Thump. Draaaaaaaaaag. Slam.*

      You didn't see anything.

  2. maybe i'm just not perceptive enough and i didn't see it, but i'd put a link to the fiction somewhere

    1. Bollocks forgot the link.
      Alright I'll add them now.