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Triumphant Return Double Review

*Door slams* No! *Pounding against the door* I am not going back into that dark cell again! You cannot make me! I am going to post a review if it kills me! *Sound of a shotgun pumping* Now leave! *Bang! Pump* Me! *Bang! Pump* ALONE! *Bang! Pump, Bang! Pump, Bang! Pump, click...*

*There is a moment of silence, followed by the sound of calm hoofsteps approaching the computer.* *Clears throat.* Now then, where was I? Oh! Right! Since Fallout Equestria week is over, it's time for your regularly scheduled reviewing, and to make up for lost time, let's make it a double! Just like Luna's banana split!

A Slice of Life and Shadow of Dreams, after the break!

Review – A Slice of Life

The Story:

As of the newest chapter (3) the plot is something like this: Celestia has awoken and, among various annoyances and irritations that are her perfect daily life, decided to step on the scale once her sister had FINALLY vacated the bathroom, only to find her weight juuuuuust edging past the little red line. Next thing she knows it's time for the royal diet, and everypony is keeping her to it. However, there seem to be hints that a certain sister of hers isn't going to make things easy. Unfortunately, the story hasn't gone much further than that, so you'll just have to read more and find out!

The Characters:

Princess Celestia takes lead and is hilarious, her every thought and action basically making her instantly relatable despite her royal nature. Princess Luna runs second as a thorn in Celestia's side and an out of touch mare, not up on the latest trends of food and fashion, and most of the other characters are relatively minor (so far) apart from one memorable one: Head Chef Ram Sea of Coltland. Angry Scottish sheep is my newest and favorite head canon by far.


Oh my it is very well done, with some of the jokes absolutely amazing. Of course there are a few ones that are definitely PG, but I think it really works. However, loathe to admit it there were some typos I found that could have been easily avoided (writing instead of writhing, things like that) so it doesn't get a perfect mark, but they were few and far between.


By Celestia's beard yes! I am watchin' thins one like a hawk for updates, because I don't want to miss it. And I don't even like daily life comedies! This is truly wonderful, a must read if you aren't one of those sad happy grimdark ship masters.

In Conclusion:

Read this story. No, seriously, read it. It is amazing and should not be missed. I'd tell you to close this tab and go there now, but there's another review here and that should be looked at as well. So once you're done here, make some free time for A Slice of Life. Seriously. Do it.

~Medicshy recommended and approved!

The Link:


*Cough* Now that that gushing is out of the way, time for something completely different. Here's some shipping for the rest of you in Shadow of Dreams.

Review – Shadow of Dreams

The Story:

Here is as it is by the latest part (chapter 2): Summer Sparks, a mechanically inclined earth pony with dreams of flying high, creates a very versatile, and possibly volatile, robot named Gigatrot. She and Gigatrot go to Ponyville on the day of his activation on a request for a repair from a white unicorn stallion named Elusive and, when it is completed, she is waylaid by her robot to move from Canterlot into Ponyville for 'a desirable outcome.' From there... the timeline gets interesting and the Rainbow Blitz shipping is tossed at you like a ton of bricks fired from a Hoovitzer at point blank range, but Gigatrot is surprisingly a good source of tension relief from the story, and I am interested to know what goes on after the letter from her late father arrives with plans for a flying machine... I guess I'll just have to wait and find out.

The Characters:

Summer Sparks, an OC and the lead, has a fairly solid character, but a lot of it comes off of stereotypes due to the amount of development opportunities missed, and a lot has to be filled in from gaps in what we are told and not shown in the writing. Gigatrot, the main support, is a robot. That's it. A very crafty, intelligent robot, but that is his defining trait and all we are given. The rest of the important characters are all your favorites... rule 63'd. They all even have slightly different names except for Applejack, because why keep consistency anywhere? Rainbow Blitz is arrogant even for Dash, and the rest haven't been in large enough parts to truly show character, but they seem accurate enough, I suppose. What can I say? Character development is lacking in this story, so this section is hard.


Ugh... where to I begin? Be it the grammar, misuse of every punctuation, Summer this, Summer that, the ton of unnecessary backstory interjected for no good reason, “decided to picked up”, a whole conversation in part two that made no sense with what anypony was saying or who was talking, the extremely obvious shipping with male Dash by Summer's obsessive abject hatred of his very presence, the direct copy paste repetition, emotional rollercoaster with the pacing in places, extremely fast pacing all throughout, mostly with no reason... Honestly, it's a bit of a mess. Not particularly well written, coming off a tad ham-hoofed and the newest and most interesting parts involving the machinery and not the ponies. It needs some serious cleaning up and reworking, and that's really all there is to say.


Define enjoy... I had to struggle to keep interest at points, there was the battle against good grammar, the uneasy feeling of rule 63'd characters, the forced romance... it was all cheesier than a grilled cheese dipped in nacho sauce. But there were shining moments in there, particularly involving Gigatrot and missed chances at character development that could have really hooked me... I think I'll keep reading in the hopes that it improves, but... I honestly cannot recommend it as a good story. It just has a slightly interesting premise.

In Conclusion:

Not a recommended story for a variety of glaring, irksome flaws, but one I will be keeping an eye on for my own masochistic interests. If you read it, do it for the machines, those wonderful wonderful machines.

The Link:


And that is all for this Singles Awareness Day, my friends. (Just before the buzzer on that dateline there, but it still counts!) Have a wonderful one, and my am I glad to be back! *Places shotgun by the desk, then places a full box of shells next to it.* But just to be safe, I'll leave this here.

Have a wonderful day everypony!

Your released writer,


P.S: A Slice of Life. Now. Read it. The link's up there, just click it, you won't regret it.

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