Saturday, February 11, 2012



Isn’t My Little Pony swell?
It’s happy, colourful, bouncy and cute.
Then there’s Project Horizons that makes the heart stopping question of.
Why make MLP happy and bouncy when we can make everything dark, depressing, sinister and disturbing?
Thanks to Somber, we now have a Fo:E side fic that grabs you by the neck and says.

“Oh look how cute Littlepip is with her Arbu shooting! Isn’t she just the cutest whootsie pootsie little.
FUCK YOU, You're a clear minded helpful pony that wants nothing more than to bring peace to hell.
You have Cancer
You lost an eye!

You have to kill everyone you have ever loved!
think this is dark
Fuck you!
You haven’t even read Chapter 33 yet!

SO yes Project Horizons has developed a infamy for being the darkest,
side fic.
Somber constantly beats the crap out of BlackJack and her friends.
When I consulted Somber about him beating the ever lasting hell out of his protagonists he replied with.

“ I’m not punishing her!  Really!  I like Blackjack!  I just... really... want her to be happy some day...  In many ways BJ’s struggle is trying to fight for her happy ending.  And if she can’t get one for herself then she’ll fight so that everypony else can have one.  As long as she keeps trying to do better...  But the hoof is a pretty rough place and they wouldn’t call it a post apocalyptic setting if it was easy. “

Funny dat.

So anyway.

The story revolves around the Security mare BlackJack.
She was actually named Go Fish but hated the name so started calling herself BlackJack.
Kind of like my brother I guess He was named James but he just started saying Jamie.
So yeah BlackJack lives in Stable 99 a Stable that started off innocently enough as an experiment of recycling technology sounds gruesome enough but soon Stable 99 had a massive revolution involving the Overmare wanting to keep the position of power in female hooves.
the revolution was contained and the Males were oppressed and forced into a life of torture.
They only served use as breeders.

Basically her Stable is raided by a gang known as The Reapers brought upon by a ghoul wanting a piece of software know only as EC-1101.
This thrusts our Hero out into the wasteland with a male known by his breeding tag of P-21.
Along the way they meet Morning Glory, a rouge member of the Volunteer Corps of the Enclave.
They also meet a mysterious mare named Rampage who is cursed with Immortality.
A non hostile Alicorn named Lacunae and a young filly named Scotch.

I really like this one.
Really like this one, It’s probably on par with the original.
Everything is so dark, everything is so devoid of colour and happiness, It’s pretty much perfect.
from what I have seen many ponies in the comp doc are put off by how dark it is.
Not me!
Seconds please Somber!

The depressing story is really good, It’s one thing to say someone has it rough and another to actually see the toughness in glorious words.
It makes BlackJack a real hero, constantly being pushed back constantly being put down, and yet she keeps going and keeps fighting.
She doesn’t know, she just wants to be better.
The best scenes hands down is firstly the suicide, the scene is dark quiet and scenic.
everything is three dimensional it feels like it could be real, you sit there and think.
“Don’t do it BlackJack, Don’t do it”
The other is the scene where BlackJack play’s music inside an old cart repair shop.
It’s a genuine beautiful moment, the most peaceful scene in the entire series hands down.
Every time you tune in the situation gets worse and worse and it’s fairly hard to believe at times.
But I don’t pay attention to the dark, I look at the bad scenes and disturbing scenes (Ch33) and just think how damn beautiful the ending has to be.
People constantly say that Somber’s going to give BlackJack the heroes ending.
but I personally think she is going to get a beautiful “Ten evr thin was K” ending.
At least I hope he will, But anyway he chooses I have complete faith in it.

In conclusion.
Project Horizons feels like the Sin City of side fics.
But just so fucking brilliant.
Go and read it, if you have the balls.
If it’s too dark and scary I'm sure your My Little Dashie will embrace you, crybaby.

Thanks for reading.
Stay tuned for tomorrow
Where we talk to the lovely Ms Kkat and review the reason we’re all bloody here, the original Fallout Equestria.
Have a good one bronies.


  1. "A rouge member of the Volunteer Corps of the Enclave?"

    Last I checked she was grey-ish, not rouge :P

    1. failed spelling by me there, thanks for the point out