Sunday, February 26, 2012

Review: Tales of Courier Redux/Reloaded

 Yup, I still prefer the old cover because it has more character than switch-blade's one, the switchblade cover still rox some serious socks though.
This is going to be a short one guys, so far there is only 2 chapters so there isn't really a lot to work with.
Review after the break.

Welpsies this is a fun story.

Now Hobo and ToaC was originally in Fo:EW but he scrapped the Tales of a Courier I was reading and started a redux, AFTER (mind you) I already did the review and interview
and I was like.

But then I was pleasantly surprised

Now I said this in the old review of ToaC
"So yeah It has a nearly identical plot to New Vegas in the first few chapters so that’s that.
At first I was put off "Come on ANOTHER NV wannabe?"
I admit I was tempted to slam it for lack of creativity. The first
chapters were carbon copies of NV"

I'll admit I love the new version, the first chapter is nothing like New Vegas, and immediately pulled me right in. I loved it right from the start.

Of course there are a bunch of new things in it that I'm not particularly fond of.
Such as Clover being a hilarious pussy now, instead of a suave swinger he used to be.
But than again, that was intentional, made to fit with the motif of growing stronger.

That and now he say "aye" because he is Emerald Islan..Emer...Islandian.....dian Emera....
''Yeah I geddit''
He's fucking Irish
Which is annoying because everytime you see "aye" you pretty much go, I guess it's his catchphrase or whatever so I'll let it slip.

Whenever I look at this new one, I think of a Scott Pilgrim style layout, a serious film with a real moral, but it has comedy inserted. Which would be fucking awesome, somebody should seriously make that.
Seriously, play "Invaders Must Die (The Prodigy)" and think about ToaC.
I'm Serious it fits I'm not kidding.

The characters are a lot more interesting, Instead of caring about Double Down, Clover instead seeks to find "Snake Eye's, who is responsible for saving him, this immediately makes the character more interesting because you wonder to yourself why would he possibly just walk off like that, there has to be a reason.

Ace is now this "Who the fuck are you?" character that just sort of jumps in and associates herself with him for no reason at all and forces him to help her. Which makes you want to know about her more than you originally did.

It's only been the first chapter so not a whole whole lot has been reloaded, but at this particular point I really like where this is going.

SO to recap, I'll say that the Redux, is much better than the original.
The characters are a lot more interesting, the story is immediately more original than before.
and I think it's pretty damn good.

Thanks for reading, I apologise for the short review but like I said its literally just made it's debut like a week ago so I have very little to review.
Again thanks for dropping by.

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