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The Shortest review but the funniest Interview.
Lets read.

Welp lets go!

Dina is considered to the insane bastard of the comp doc. But besides it all he is a fun person, and he is always willing to talk.
He laughs at the serious scenes of others and see’s them as a challenge to grim dark moar and moar.
Sadly I’m rarely on at the same time as Volk or Redundent so we haven’t really talked as much as me and Dina, but thats fine.

Best Laid Plans is a collaboration fan fic between Dinawartotem, TheVolk3 and Redundent.

The Collab is a lot of fun to read, each of the 3 protagonists have a single author behind the character, you genuinely believe that 3 people or ponies in this case are actually in a conversation.

The story has some straight up fucking insane moments for a single close to the first chapter example.
Romeo puts on a dress and pretends to be a mare. see what I mean?

The Environment they are in seems to really stick the page and doesn’t really pop out to honest.
They don’t seem to be really anything that really caught my eye and immersed me in the world
What actually brought me into this world was the dialogue more than the world itself.
more was learnt about the world through the talking than the invisible language of the environment.

For example, imagine say one of my personal favourite areas in the Fallout Equestria world.
The Mindfuck tunnels from Heroes 10.
The location makes up for the next to no exposition through the way the tunnel interacts with them.
The way the darkness creeps and the mirage’s move explains more about the location of the Mindfuck tunnels than Silver talking about how creepy the tunnels themselves are.

In Best Laid Plans the locations seem to be more just matte paintings behind a play rather than an active part of the story.

I have been told that Best Laid Plans is more of a dialogue story instead of a descriptive but in the end it would have been more commendable if it was both.

From what you read, you don’t really seem to learn anything about Scorch or Wire, You learn plenty about Romeo, because he talks and interacts, the others just seem to complain and walk.
occasionally you will hear about them but more often than not it’s about what’s happening not about them.

As for the plot, there really isn’t a lot to say at this point, BLP is only in it’s first few chapters and the story has not had enough time to set in stone yet so I’ll let it pass for now.

Wow this was a short review..... uhhh.

Yeah In conclusion.
The dialogue is about the only thing that sucks you into Best Laid Plans, the world needs a new coat of post apocalyptic paint.
The characters need some serious story worked into them.
But other than that the story is enjoyable and it flows smoothly.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more of fallout Equestria week.
I am your lovable DarcySupremest.
Have a good one.

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  1. Well, actually this review sumarizes the same feeling I had reading BLP ^_^

    I liked the story, so I guess it's a good thing?