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HELLLLLLLOOOOOO and welcome back.
Hey' it's NoOne Day so lets post things with No One in it!




So yeah Heroes, The only thing I really have to say about No One is.... Well the
catch to No One is that No one knows if No One is a guy or if No One is
Of course no one will ever know If  No One is a guy or No One is a girl. Because No One is really secretive About whether or not No One is a guy
or No One is a girl....

Okay I had my fun I'll stop.

But seriously I'm labeling No One a HerI (HER) I figure this way is the best, I either get it right or make No one feel Masculine.

Fallout Equestria Heroes. So from what No One tells me in her interview this was kind of like a naive kid seeing a superman movie getting Inspired wanting to help people and going out to fight crime.

But It's more fun in heroes because It has an A-DAWWWWWWW-Able child charecter a funny Pegasus and a smoking hot main character.

Okay so, The story revolves around Silver Storm a local guard in the town of Marefort.
Hearing about the escapades of pip and gets the idea to save her brother from a group of raiders
But she ends up screwing up severely almost getting her killed.
Leading to my favourite line in any Fallout Sidefic.
“There are no Heroes”
The timing and the set up is a thing of beauty.

Clearly the best character here is
Seriously Silver is the only
character I can ever relate to in
these things.

She is the one who is more about staying
alive and having a conscious to a degree
that it isn't saintly but isn't assholey.

Serenity is also a good character, she is adorable of course but has her darker and complex past.
Serenity was put in to “Humanise” Silver. To make her seem more like a pony and less like a gun on legs.
That and she was put in to restrain Silver, a way to make the option of run and gun less of an option.
Which is more commendable then just a scene to humanise her, because a deep dark humanizing scene like in Project Horizons with the hospital scene.
You can always become an asshole after a deep scene because that experience is behind you.
But having to keep a filly alive and innocent is more affective because you have to keep the attitude with you at all times.

Flare is a fun character too, but he isn’t really developed yet, that’s the problem with reviewing unfinished stories.

It’s clear that Heroes doesn’t take itself seriously which isn’t a bad thing.
It’s nice to have hilarious moments that sort of relax you before they decided to shoot up a place.
plus heroes “moments” happen in these silly scenes so It’s acceptable
That's not to say that the series doesn't have the dark moments I love so much in the Fallout Equestria series.
Such as this recent chapter with the tunnels beneath Dise.
That chapter was insanely creepy, the atmosphere, the 'sound' (The described)
And of course the deciding factor fear.

Fear isn't just a scary face Fear is what you make of it, not knowing
is what we fear, because Instinctively our race jumps to the worst possible
conclusion to purposely keep you on Guard.
That chapter kept me guessing, and my only wish is that it was longer.

In conclusion, Heroes is a winner.

I thoroughly enjoy Heroes for it's setting and characters.
And that it clearly doesn't take itself

It's a lot of fun to watch and laugh at it's Corney one liners and ridiculous
plot points.

But like I said No One makes It scary and dark when she wants it scary and dark.
I heard that Heroes may be having the shameful choke collar placed around the
necks of our sub fanbase. removed and allowed to have it's own post. I agree, the more attention Heroes gets, the more bronies come and read the rest of this communities great work.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for
the rest of Fallout Equestria Week!
Have a good one bronies.



  1. My name is No One, and I approve of this message.

  2. Have to say it, out of all the currently updating fics, Heroes is the best of the lot.