Friday, February 17, 2012

New Background!!!

Wowza, as promised, I have put on a new background image, as FO:E week is done :D
I have yet to make a new banner, but I will hopefully get on to it in the near future. For the meantime, put up with it, it is rather good anyways.
All credit for the pictures goes to the respective owner of these photos, I've just thrown them together, to make a pretty background for y'all :)
Um.... Photos I guess, as I have my new PC XD! It is great, but I still have to configure everything and get it all working again, but it is worth it.
The Great and Powerful Trixie approves of Axe's new PC and the new background (FYI, this is going to be my new Approval stamp for fan-fics)
So still no quotes, as I've lost all my bookmarks and favourites, but I'll work on it over the weekend.
Have fun, I know I am! :)
AxeOfChaos Out


  1. Noes! You can't have an approval stamp as well! Then i'm going to have to figure one out and attempt to photoshop it and fail and it'll be a mess and everypony will hate me...