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So we're now here.
The reason we're all bloody here to begin with


What can I say?
What can I say that will make a difference? nothing.
I can not make a difference.
There is nothing I can say that will do this justice.

Lets start by saying, it's a fair bet that without Fo:E the entire My Little Pony fanbase would not be the same.
Fallout Equestria is one of if not the most popular fan fictions.
Fallout Equestria has proven that Crossover fics can work, and can actually be better than the source material. Without this crossover fics would not even be NEARLY as popular.
and that is a FACT.

It also revolutionised the way the fan base acts within itself.
Because of this fan fiction, Alcohol, Drugs, violence, sex, are all more common in many because of the courage boost that if you can write it well you will be respected for it instead of shunned.

The setting, the character development, the plot, all of it is stimulating, it draws you in you can look away.

now lets get a little history on how I came to be here.

I first joined the fan base in June of last year, At the time I used to cruise EQD, still very unsure about my stance, and the negativity most fan fiction in any fan base receives I was very reluctant to read anything.
I eventually decided to try "Sunny Skies all day long" which I loved and then proceed to sampled the various other fan fictions, they were all like intricate wines, I sampled some grim dark, sampled a little slice of life, and some shipping, (all of which were equally shitty, which lead to my negative outlook on it"
Of course I eventually saw, either Fallout Equestria's first post, or one of the updates.
I looked at it, I at first stared daggers at it, I LOVED Fallout games, and I just felt the fear that it couldn't live up.

I ignored it and continued to cruise around, of course the dreaded pause between S1 and S2 of MLP had set in and I was bored out of my mind.
I saw a side story update perhaps the first, back when there was about 5-6 I checked inside, I was amazed "How could something warrant it's own side stories?" I finally opened the post and saw we were up to around 29-34 can't remember, expecting a long read, I whipped out my Ipod and relaxed on my balcony and opened the first chapter.

I was drawn in, the surface was built up slowly, and we ended on a cliff hanger, of course I had to see this surface world, so I opened the next chapter.
I was amazed, the sheer size of Equestria's Wasteland.

Now let me say this, I love exploring, seeing new things, other cultures, I love History.
The sheer possibility of adventure in this world 3 was amazing, and how you saw new things every chapter kept me in, the scenes where you learn what happened with the world, the scenes where Kkat's true creative genius is on show is the best.
The pegasus, locking up the sky and forming the Enclave, the Steel Rangers, Watcher, The Canterlot ruins, Tenpony, The Goddess, Red eye's unity.
Everything was beautiful.

You wanted to see more, you wanted to learn more, and It was given to you in small amounts with a large dollop of more questions to be answered in the next course.

Now there are moments where you are given a straight up middle finger cliff hanger which make you feel really pissed when they cut through the fun to just make you wait.
But when it returns you're not disappointed, ever.

The characters are spectacular, they develop fluently and fit like a perfect puzzle piece into the world.
Kkat, specifically made LittlePip featureless, all you're given is her cutie mark and her name.
and that she is short.
Which many people see as a silly idea, as some really stupid possibilities have come up in the past. But a few are really quite good especially the fandom accepted model.
But lets talk about the actual character development.

For the most part it's all pretty flawless, the fact the wasteland is like a breathing monster it takes and takes until it whittle's you down to the bones.
But instead of getting depressed she depends on her friends to help her through it all.
There are some really jaggy moments in her development, such as the fact that to beat the evil of the black book, she relies on the figurines to help her though essentially falling on a pretty lame Deus ex Machina instead of her overcoming the evil and in responsibly her growing more as a character and parts where you feel straight up cheated out of a really cool scene, such as the Pip, autumn leaf, Red Eye show down, where instead of getting the clash of the titans, you get a monologue and Pip hiding. lame

But if you even suggest for a moment I found them to detract from the story than you will be sadly mistaken.

The other character I found to be a big winner is Steel Hooves, he is such a mystery straight up and the more you learn about him the more you grow to like him.
And I cried for him when he dies like I lost my own damn brother, the funeral scene is painfully sad 
There are some beautifully written scenes near the ending such as the written to be mortal enemies the Applejacks rangers and the Steel Rangers.
Two obscure members meeting up during the final fight and putting aside their differences and fighting back to back until they are tragically killed.
Or some big amazing scenes such as the Enclave attack on Unities chapel in the ever free forest.

So in conclusion

but in conclusion conclusion
Everything about this novel is art, pure and simple, you will never get bored never get tired of it, and you will come back.
I will now read whatever else Kkat release's in a heart beat.
this story has created and changed so much it's hard not to call it amazing.

Fillies and Gentlecolts, this has been your host DarcySupremest, stay tuned for the interview!

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