Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Mid-week Kashin Day.
Originally Hobo was supposed to be sharing this day with him but we will go into detail as to why he isn't.
when it's Hoboday.
Letsa go!

Alright lets do this 


So Kash, what can I say about Kash.
Well he is the go to guy for drawings in the group, He made the wondertabulous banner we have for the week.
He is also another one of the guys who is excellent for bouncing idea's.

I'll admit, when I first began scraping my resources to start this nearly 4 months ago No One suggested Operation Flankourage.
Now I will admit, I judged a book entirely by it's cover.
I HATED Operation Anchorage in Fallout 3, everything about it sucked, so when I saw somepony made a side fic about It I was like.
"fuckin seriously?"
So I went into it expecting to hate it and I ended up enjoying it quite a lot.

The environment is one of the best I have seen, you can feel the cold from the snow, the devoid of life.
It's a lot of fun to read.

It's your typical Stable attack flee story plot wise, Thing is a lot of these side fics are still pretty much just starting.
So I feel pretty guilty If I judge their plot's (ehem) to much because you know, any bad plot can get better in the next chapter and Vise Versa.

The characters are great, The awkward forced companionship of Maple and Orcher is electric in that it feels like it's actually happening.

The two chapters felt sort of awkward.
They felt sort of like sticky notes at the top of the story to add in stuff the author forgot initially.
Of course that is a problem that most side fics have.
You get a sweet plot point you know everyone will enjoy and you want to get to It was fast as you can.
Hell I have that problem with The Billiards Boy.

And I can't help but feel there isn't enough conversation, like I said, Kash probably has heaps of it planned, but at this point I feel there is opportunities to get out good character development that are pretty much glanced over.

But I can't stress enough the fact that it is probably planned in the future chapters and I pretty much can't talk about it this early on.

So In another god damn short review conclusion.

Operation is one of my favourites, easy.
The Enviroment is what makes this one great, The characters are interesting and I see a lot of potential to make them more interesting in future chapters.

I need to make so longer reviews...
This has been your host DarcySupremest
Have a good week bronies.

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  1. short review is short, but it's okay because there is the interview too, yay!