Sunday, February 5, 2012


I gave Medic and Axe some money to rent themselves a nice little hotel away from the site for the week.
The reviews are finally finished and we can get started on our grimdarky fun!

Yeah it's a day early, but I figured this was best as it would give the news that it has started a chance to spread and get moving amongst the fans.
SO yeah for those of you who are here reading this go out and tell those who were waiting for it that it has begun.
I'm putting a post on the Fo:E resource as well.

So stick around.
Read the interviews (or watch in the case of one)!
Read the reviews!
Have a grand old wasteland time because this week is ours and fuck anyone who says it isn't!

So Let's cover a few things.

In the interviews you will see a LOT of common questions, this is because I believe personally that you learn more about someone through the words of a slightly fluff nature than through questions about their writing or something.
Think about it.
Which one do you learn more about the person from?
>How do you brainstorm?
>What was the inspiration for "Attack of the Mutant Spider-nosed tomato gobs-makers"
You learn more about how somebody sits down and thinks rather than how they came up with the book.
so fluff is le good.
That and some of the questions that were answered were interesting and I used them again because I do that.
But yeah boring words aside welcome to Fallout Equestria Week, sit down, shut up and have fun.
Have a good week everypony!


  1. But I don't want to leave the site for a week! I was hoping to- No! Who are you? Get out of my- *struggling noises, followed by a loud thump*

    Don't worry boss, we took care of it.

  2. O.o What am I gonna do in the meantimes? I mean... This place is - *quiet click and slight zapping sound* hjhajhbfayaeg dhagfg agfag!!!!!!

    There you go boss, that's the other one out.

  3. indeed MedicShy, anyway can you possibly include a link to the actual fan-fic as I haven't actually read it yet, also if nobody has figured it out yet I am axe's little brother.

  4. PFFFFFFFT. Personally I would have split them up for 7 weeks and had like a grimdark-day rather than grimdark FO:E week, but this way I get my content quicker. I'm not gonna complain at all :3

  5. Firstly: LOL that banner is awesome.

    Anyways, nice, a whole week of FOE awesome. Can't wait! :D

    Can't wait for all the review goodness! ^^

  7. Yes! Can't believe I missed the date!