Wednesday, February 1, 2012


In a stunning upset after a late in the game surge, the true best pony emerges! Vinyl Scratch reigns supreme! All hail your DJ Overlord!

You voted and this was your choice! She won with 6 to Rose and Trixie's 4 and Derpy's 3. Two votes were added on right at the end that pushed her in front, which was probably for the best, otherwise I was going to have to look for a picture for the three way tie. (Rose Pon-3 and G&PT in one picture? Not likely.) Though really it is not surprising. Even if she isn't at the top, DJ Pon-3 is in just about everypony's top 5 best ponies ever, she deserves her title. I guess Darcy can keep her as site ruler for a while longer... Roseluck is going to be so disappointed. (Trixie doesn't care, she has EqD for her worshiping needs.)

Until the next poll my friends, have a rocking day.

Your techno writer,

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