Monday, February 20, 2012


Yes my friends we have hit 5555 views [yay~!]. Now I know it's only a mere 55 from the last view post and really not worth a celebration, but come on! It's like a fake phone number always used in bad games or movies to make sure nopony actually gets called! And the one I've listed above brings you to this:
Yes, the 24 hour classical music program featuring our favorite cellist Octavia! Just call and leave the phone on speaker for relaxing hoof-played music all the time! From Neightoven to Hay-dn, the best of the best played by your resident grey pony! Call now!

*Disclaimer: Phone number does not actually connect to the phone line. The admins of this website are not responsible for any misplaced calls or strange phone bill charges that may occur from the calling of this number. Believe anything we say jokingly at your own risk. Friendship is Magic.*

Have a wonderful day everypony, and I hope to see you soon with a brand new view total!

Your fast-talking writer,

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