Sunday, January 15, 2012

This lull is unacceptable!

How can we go so long without posting SOMETHING. No wonder the view surge has stopped! 2700+ is amazing, but it will never keep up if the
re is no content!

... Unfortunately I am horridly busy this weekend (a show opened, an audition coming up, a story draft is due for a class, lots of homework for other classes, AND I promised myself I'd update Source Material) so my next post is very likely to be my 'weekly' review, but there must be something done in the meantime. Hmm... I can't think of anything interesting to do right now, but there are three of us. One of us will figure it out, right?

Until then, have some Princess Luna.

*edit* Ugh... I have failed you! I can't even get a gif to play. I am a horrible admin...

But since it has happened, THE LUNA HAS BEEN DOUBLED! I hope this makes up for it...

Your busy writer,

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