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Review - Whisk

This has been sitting around for a few days, as it caught my eye when it popped up but I didn't have time to read it...

Without further ado, the review of Whisk after the break!

The Link:

The Story:

It begins with the Cutie Mark Crusaders starting off school for the new year (apparently in a new schoolhouse in a class led by Rarity's old teacher Mrs. Sharpener) when a new student arrives in town, Gravy Whisk, whose blurted introduction reveals that he has two fathers. Later, Scootaloo starts to bully him and Sweetie Belle pulls her away, making friends with the shy new pony. Meanwhile his dads, Brown and Mushroom Gravy, are meeting the inhabitants of the town and inspecting their new restaurant building. But when Whisk wants to leave town thanks to the bullying, Brown is worried the town isn't as welcoming as it seems. Does Scootaloo have a reason for her bullying? Will the family find a new home? Will the new ponies be accepted? I'm not going to spoil it, you'll just have to read it on your own to find out.

The Characters:

The CMC all make a strong appearance as leads, though Apple Bloom is not nearly as plot important as the others. Candymane (Scoot's mom) is also an important and personally touching character that speaks volumes in her few scenes. However, the true main characters are of course Brown and Mushroom Gravy and their son Gravy Whisk. They are all OCs, but that has never been a mark against a character in my book. There was something slightly off about Zecora, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie in their cameos, but it is so small that it shouldn't be a mark against the story.


Technically sound, surprisingly touching in places, and gets its message across. There was a point or two where things seemed forced and it all seemed wrapped up rather too quickly, and I have a personal problem with the ending, but overall it was well written. One of the storylines didn't seem to go anywhere, but that was probably me expecting more...


Yes. The story was well written, and while not perfect, it doesn't have any major flaws. There was one scene with Lyra and Bon-Bon Heartstrings (as they are named) that actually made me laugh out loud at the computer, which takes a fair bit. It might be slightly heavier than your average 'normal' tagged story, but it's a good one nonetheless.

In Conclusion:

It's a good story and an interesting read that delivered on what it promised. This is going to be a solid sit-down-and-read story at thirty pages, but it's done well enough that it shouldn't be avoided. It was probably more touching to me than it might be to others due to being in a similar, though not identical, situation to Scootaloo for... a lot of things, but I'm just probably going soft or something. I don't agree that Gravy is as cute as everyone says he is (especially with the eyelashes that indicate female for gender, but we won't go there) but his story is worth a read!

Well, that's all I've got for you this time, but I hope you enjoyed it! Oh, and if you would like the link to the story in these reviews, leave a comment and I'll add it. Have a wonderful day everypony!

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