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Review - Timelords and Terror

In defiance of SOPA I shall post on this day double copyrighted (well, both sources are at least) material reviewed by a pony that wants his internet to have the things he browses available all the time! With no censorship and no movements against it refusing to update. They shut down all the sites on the same day... *le sigh* Darn coordinated movements. Randomness is so much better.

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But enough of that! Here is your review! Timelords and Terror after the break. ALLONS-Y!

The Link:

The Story:

Twilight investigates a strange electrical storm over Ponyville, and when her strange readings confound her, Twilight, Rainbow and Pinkie meet at a restaurant to soothe their hunger when the TaRDiS suddenly plummets into the center of Ponyville, having been caught in a great firefight with the evils above. The Doctor climbs out, technobabbles, then falls unconscious, leaving him to discover his pony condition in the hospital the next day. He is able to exit into town with Twilight's help and fix his machine, but then a young colt covered in horrible scratches and injuries runs into town yelling about monsters. At this point The Doctor reads his mind, discovering the presence of the Carrionites and declaring war against them. And the rest... is hidden. Just read it for yourself. Sorry, spoilers! But remember, nothing can stop the S'Muz.

The Characters:

The protagonists are Doctor Whooves, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, and a Zecora that can't rhyme consistently. Though I want to I can't be upset... readers will see why. The Doctor and Twilight were the main leads, while the rest were supports. Unfortunately, only Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy seemed to be mostly in character. RD was a little too brash and violent, The Doctor seemed a little too smug in his own quirkiness, and Twilight Sparkle was much too pushy, sure in her intelligence, and quite frankly at points mean... It worked, but they weren't the ones I loved. On a different note, the Carrionites (Hydia, Draggle, and Reeka [those knowledgable of My Little Pony past might recognize both their names and evil plot]) are the primary antagonists, and good ones they are, if slightly recycled with their plan to summon Lord S'Muz. There is also the Hervoken Commander, a friendly alien that I will assume is in character because I unfortunately don't know about them.


Just fine, though personally I would have enjoyed more descriptions that weren't filtered through the altered Twilight. Colors, looks, places, all were described, but there was so much potential to paint that picture that has now vanished forever... Ah well. Otherwise I only noticed one grammar error and no typos, so it's technically sound, and the use of flashbacks/asides was well done, and the story did invoke a great Doctor Who feel, if one of the particularly dark episodes for mood... My brief overview of the plot does little to explain the worth of the humorous in between scenes, and I had to spoiler stop it by the end of part two to be safe, but it is well done.

Or at least, that was what I was feeling midway through part three... The story began to drag after that, and while it's still compelling, repetition and minimal details do not a wonderful story make. Compound that with niggling inconsistencies in character, details, extended use of applied flubbotinum, and even grammar and... unfortunately... it did not deserve the high rating it got, in my humble opinion. It needed far more cleanup.


You know, in spite of all of my mixed praise and complaints, yes. It is definitely enjoyable. A little dark at times, even for The Doctor, but with more than enough bright to liven it all up again. It's still not a Grade A best story you'll ever read (heck, it ain't even in my top pony stories) but for what it is, it is fantastic.

In Conclusion:

Do you like Doctor Who? Do you like My Little Pony? Do you wish your ponies were slightly darker without losing that message of the show? If you answered yes to all of these, then this is for you. If you only answered yes to the first two (as I did to start) you'll probably still enjoy the story, warts and all.

And that is it for this one. Tune in next time as I review probably not another Doctor Whooves story, but you never know! There's a sequel to this one and I happen to be writing my own (only on it's first update, not even a pilot episode yet...) so I might slip it in and call it research.

Until next time!

Your timey wimey writer,


{Side note: Perhaps working on this late at night when others are probably doing their own thing isn't the best idea. Flooding the site with content will just throw ponies off... perhaps I should either stick to a schedule or at least coordinate with the others... Just a thought.

Oh, and please don't sue me or anything. I promise I'm not hurting anyone BBC and Hasbro!


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