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Review - Screwball Over

As I promised, here is a review in celebration of 2000 (now 2100+ views! My you work fast!) (2200 NEARLY 2300) views, a story that surprised me with its existence and, at the same time, I am sad to see go...
The review of Screwball Over, after the break.

The Link:

The Story:
It begins with a bored Rarity, Button Stitch, and a slide show of a honeymoon when Davenport walks in, declaring proudly that he and his wife would have a combined store of their own. This prompts Rarity to make her escape to Sugarcube corner, where Pinkie's eyes and ears have been itching. She is worried that Button has somehow relapsed, but Rarity assures her that she is still dull as dish water. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, an army of tiny pink ponyoids in the recognizable form of Screwball have spawned from her discarded hat, making a slow march to Ponyville. Early the next morning, the town is overrun, the army chasing first Button and her husband, then also Rarity, then Pinkie around town until stopping at Twilight's library. Here the rest of the Elements of Harmony join the scene, eventually discovering the beanie in a trash heap and, well... The rest is too good to give away, except to say that Discord's endgame is truly a sight to see.

The Characters:
Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Button Stitch and her husband Davenport take the leads, as they have in the past, and many many tiny Screwballs take the place of the singular previous antagonist version. Rainbow Dash, Twilight, and Applejack get strong supporting roles, while Spike, Fluttershy, and even the Princesses Celestia and Luna are minor supports, and there's even a surprise visit from Discord himself as villain du jour! Discord is delightfully devious with his plan while still supplying that chaos I know and love, and the Princesses are very them, though Celestia more than Luna. The rest have maintained character, and I really like Pinkie in this one, even more than in the past. Stitch and Davenport felt like they weakened slightly as characters, taking a minor-ish lead role primarily as a couple and not as individuals, an unfortunate pitfall of many a story involving couples, but it doesn't hurt them too much and is actually a bit sweet.

Very well done. Things were well paced, well written with no technical flaws, and came and went before they lost their welcome or became tired. I have a minor disagreeance with the ending, but only because A) I don't want Screwball's story to end here, and B) I was hoping for just the slightest tweak on the normal ending, but nothing to fault the writer on. It will appeal to far more than it could possibly alienate.

Indeed. If you liked the previous installments, the conclusion of the trilogy is definitely worth the time. Starting with this one is not at all a good idea, but it contains enough of a self contained story to work, I suppose... Both more and less chaos than before, if that's possible, but as a conclusion, it did quite well.

In Conclusion:
The well done end to a well done series. It's a shame to see the characters go, but I shall remember them for quite a while. The whole series: ~Medicshy Approved!

And that is that my friends, another story for the memory books and another Screwball under my belt Perhaps now I can move on to something else. If anypony has a request, I'll gladly take it! Probably after Fallout: Equestria week ends, since I should leave that to those on the site who have read it... That and I wouldn't want to be a bother during their celebrations, but still, requests are being taken by me, my friends!
Until then, have a wonderful day everypony!

Your screwy writer,

(Yes~! Same day in my time zone! GO ME!)

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