Sunday, January 1, 2012

Review - Rarity's Mid-Death Crisis

Well, initially I had planned to do reviews, like, maybe monthly, weekly if I was feeling adventurous, but then this story popped up that was so intriguing I just had to read it, and then, as a New Years gift (be it eve or day where you are) I decided I might as well review it, so here you go! (Picture was generic, so I found another one!)

Rarity's Mid-Death Crisis after the break! Don't worry! It's not grimdark.

The Link:

The Story:

Rarity is in Canterlot and meets up with a depressed Octavia and a broke Berry Punch to do what those ponies seem to be famous for: get blind stinking drunk. The next morning, Rarity wakes up to discover that her body has disappeared, leaving her a floating head, and she immediately and dramatically declares herself dead. Twilight, Pinkie, Applejack and Spike come to comfort her, and they decide to try to find her drinking buddies and figure out what happened. Literally any more would be spoilers, so you'll just have to read for the rest.

The Characters:

Rarity and Octavia take the lead in parallel stories, with Rarity being the bigger part, and everypony (and dragon) else mentioned playing support. Now as far as characterization goes, I like Berry, but the rest of them are a bit off. Not BAD, per se, but not the ones we know and love. I think the closest is Twilight and maybe Applejack, but again, for the sake of story, the bending of characterization wasn't annoyingly far off, so that part is fine.


Technically sound, funny like it promised with it's comedy tag, and a cute little story, if not particularly touching or anything. Nothing bad or trying to pull you from it, and it's a short one shot to boot, so it's a nice little popcorn treat of a story!


Well I liked it. I will admit, it wasn't the best thing ever written and it could have been improved, but what story is truly perfect? There shouldn't be anything anypony can hate it over, so I can't see you NOT enjoying it, even if it's not life changing.

In Conclusion:

A fun little story to give you a little pick me up before the new year! If you like drunk ponies and valuable lessons learned through funny situations, this one is for you! If you like Rarity being dramatic, it's got that too!

That's all I've got. See you in the new year everypony! Here's hoping your new year is even better than the old!

Your faithful writer,


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