Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Review - Raindrops Keep Falling

Right! Darcy has demanded that now we have a traffic increase, we need to keep up content, and it seems I will now be trying to fit in a review per week. That should keep me busy!

Anyways, review after the break!

Okay, well I scanned EQD for a fan-fic, and here's what I got, so ENJOY!!!

Raindrops Keep Falling is a fan-fic about a... little known background pony, Raindrops (She was in the episode 'Feeling Pinkie Keen', and was with Derpy when she dropped the various things on Twilight's head). She has been fired for the... incident... with Twilight and Derpy and is a little lost in the world, so her friend, Seafoam, tells her to take a vacation.

She goes on a boat trip with a stallion named Salty, but things turn hairy pretty quickly. And the rest is for me to know, and for you to find out!


Since all the ponies in this story are background ponies, Stormy Seas (Yes, that is the name of the brony who wrote this...) Didn't have to follow any strict guidelines of "how they should normally act", so he (or she) was free to make them how he/she wanted. But Stormy did a great job of this anyway

All the characters are wiity, funny and... I can't think of any other words for hilarious. It was funny and Raindrop's friend reminded me a LOT of Pinkie Pie. Salty was funny too, and he acted much like the captain from that new Tin-Tin movie (Yes, I saw it, it was good too!!). All round, it was done very well.


The plot of this is well done, even though this is only a 1 part fan-fic. Stormy squeezed in the storyline well, and I was transfixed throughout. The writing was great and believable, and the ending was funny and well-written, I congratulate this writer immensely, as they did a great job on this

My Opinion:

This story was great, not the best I have read, but still great. There were a few spelling mistakes (I think I counted 3) But the writing and characters were memorable. I give this fan-fic 8 sea-legged ponies out of 10, with a recommendation, I just wish this was slightly longer, as it could have been turned into a series.

Well that's it from me, first one of these for a while, but I think I did alright!

Keep it Raindroppin' ponies!!

AxeOfChaos Out

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  1. at the end of the plot it says "as they did a great j on this :p