Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review – Harpflank and Sweets

In direct contrast to what I said in a post that no longer exists (though the picture stays up. Got to love the picture.) I shall be reviewing a story that instantly caught my eye with the name alone!

Prepare yourself, the review of Harpflank and Sweets, after the break. Cello on!

The Link:

The Story:

The Dark Princess Luna and her evil minion Trixie plan to destroy Metropony City and bring chaos to Equestria, and only the heroic force of Harpflank and Sweets can stop them! That's... literally as much of the story as I can give away without spoilers plot wise, but if you want a good description, here is a thought experiment. Take Super Sentai (Power Rangers, Kikaida, or, slightly more accurately, Kamen Rider) apply a heavy veneer of ponies, and then delicately place a lamp shade over the whole thing and you've got a fairly good idea of the plot beforehoof.

The Characters:

There are Luna and Trixie as the villains, their characters fitting and yet twisted perfectly to make the needed chemistry work. Then come Lyra (Harpflank) and Bon Bon (Sweets) as the heroes, their fanon personalities shining through quite well. Playing support we have Commander Derpy as the secret city protection force leader (no name given for the force unfortunately, just an endless hidden base), along with Octavia and Vinyl Scratch as the duo of lab geniuses who give the heroes their super weapons. But that's not all! In a part that is hilarious and the primary source of the lampshade, special guest appearance is made by secret-best-pony Roseluck! Since basically all personalities were fanon to begin with and had to be twisted to fit the alternate world, I'm just gonna go ahead and say they were all perfectly in character.


Spot on. Characters were well done, jokes timed out well, and the pace was never too fast or too slow to enjoy. That said, there were some weird fumbling steps around the fake tension builder for the next episode, but nothing too distracting. I saw no typos or anything like that, so it was all clean and well done!


Immensely, especially if you're like me and watched far too many bad anime, fighting robot cartoons, or Super Sentai knockoffs in your younger years (Or your current years, but the lens of nostalgia makes it all so much more effective). I really liked the silly little snack of a story, but it might not be for everyone. Be prepared to accept the ridiculous.

In Conclusion:

Well written and well executed, this story is a blast from the past mixed with all the ponies the fans know and love. While there are a couple stumbling blocks in places, they are nothing to worry about, and I would recommend this to just about anypony. ~Medicshy Approved!

*edit: Turns out the author added more on after the first said it was complete. I'm not going to review them, but they are probably awesome.*

And that's the end of this one, I'm afraid, so until next time, have a wonderful day everypony!

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  1. I suggest that you should put a link to all your fan fictions that you review as it can be annoying trying to go back and find it on EQD.

    1. Alrighty then, Shall do retroactively!