Monday, January 23, 2012

Plugitty Plugitty

So I was chilling in the Comp Doc when


Was like.

And then I plugged this

So The fine fella's over at the Comp doc are hosting a spiffing good competition you see.
You enter your FOE side story with a list of stuff you would like such as a picture of "Brian the machine gun dog"
or whatever and people will draw Brian and you get to choose what picture you like.
and In return you do something for them
(At least I thinks that's how it works, Kash will correct me I'm sure"
So If you are a an FOE side story author, come on down to the comp doc at
ask for Kash and tell him that DarcySupremest sent you.
He's a pretty cool guy, He'll help you out.
Have a good one yall

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