Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I keep my promises :)

I told you I would make a fan-fic, and I have started work on it today. :D

It is called Inbound, and it is about a pilot fighting in a war for the good of Equestria. His name is Ace, and he is in an elite squad on the front lines. The rest I am still working on, and I will post a prologue in the near future.

I am probably going to look for Darcy and Medic to help, and I am writing away hard, after the thought of this came into my head last night, and I don't want to forget it :3.

Anyways, I have started work on my first New Year's resolution, so hopefully I should be done shortly! The short beginning I have already worked on is after the break!

Keep it Acein'

AxeOfChaos Out

It all started 7 years ago. When Princess Celestia died. Princess Luna was left to rule on her own. But she couldn't. Many tried to sway the public into thinking she had failed them all, but most failed.

Until one colt came along. His name was Regis and he was the difference, the one thing that pushed the order out of balance. He caused chaos in the people and distrust amongst the royal guards. There was violence. There was betrayal.

There was war.

And I had to be stuck in the middle of it.

More to come in the future, I hope to get a bit done before the end of the month, so see you all LATERS!!!

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