Friday, January 13, 2012

Huhhbiycj Hnng ad buh 2400 dbhef budhd 3hfuh 2500!!?!?

How the hell did we get 400 views in one evening, Is word of this site actually spreading?
I don't even.........
Have a good one guy's I have to go downstairs and pick up my jaw.

EDIT: I was gone for 10 minutes and now we're at 2500
I love who ever plugged my site.
Have a good one guys
Lord knows I am

*edit* Almost 2700! Uh oh... that means we're getting regular traffic... that means ponies will have expectations... that means I can't just be playing around...



  1. Replies
    1. What? A comment? What is this madness? *explodes again*

    2. Yea, so start putting out content that I can respond to!

    3. You can respond to anything you like! Though i suppose it would be odd to start talking on a review, wouldn't it. Though I do keep asking if there's more anypony would want, and I'd like to know if anypony is swayed to/against reading a story after a review, but so much silence...

      Buuuuuuuut.... at the same time I'm not sure doing too many 'other' posts won't end up with this site being a cheap Equestria Daily knockoff, and that's the last thing I want to do, but I'm sure there can be something we can do in the fandom! There is always a niche to fill!

      As far as the content lull right now, I ended up super busy, but I promise at least 1 review a week, so there will be something soon! No clue about the others, different continent and all.

  2. True, just keep it consistent! Consistency is key!