Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy 3000 views day!!

Okay, so we don't actually have a whole DAY for it, but a post is good nonetheless. It's time to PARTY!! *Party cannon explodes*

Wow, another 1000, our site has grown amazingly in the past few months! It is great!! Happy Birthday to EQD as well, our VERY big brother :3 and I hope to be seeing you all soon!

First Trixie views post :D!! This makes Axe very happy!


I've decided to change things up a bit (and I'm running out of ponies, so I'm going to have to) and put a quote at the bottom instead of my usual 'Keep it ***in', so here goes!

"Silent gratitude isn't very much use to anyone." -- G. B. Stearn

AxeOfChaos Out


Wow, 3000 views. When I joined we barely had a third of that and nopony was following, and suddenly...

Well, here we are. Welp, gonna keep the plan going, so more TRIXIE! *But just for today.*

Your flabbergasted writer,
Screw You both I'm still posting Vinyl Scratch she is still best pony.
*What?, I'm supposed to make a speech?*
"Ugh fine*
So while I was off Talking to the silly bastards over at the Comp Doc, we were getting views up.
So If Seth planted a seed and It grew into a tree, that means our website is now a sapling.
we're 2000 more views away from a full blow Fluttershy.
So while I tap my fingers and wait for the next Tales of a Courier so I can FINALLY review his series
Axe is off playing Battlefield and Medic is outside living a life thing I have heard so much about.
I might get one, Depends If it's on Steam or not.
I'm so proud of you all who came here and made our site a "Sight" to behold (Hyuck Hyuck)
Have a good one yall.
Here's to another 1000.

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