Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And so end's a day of relentless busyness

SO ends a day that was so filled with work I can now slumber, resting assured that I got nearly 30% of what I need to get done for Fallout Equestria Week.
I now have not only six side story Authors but 7, in total that's nearly 8 interviews and review's now.
But as I said, I'll share a day to make room for Kashin, It just means more stuff for you.

Within but a few weeks everything will fall into place, I have requested that Axe and Medic re frame from posting during the week, as this may well ruin the flow of the falloutyness.
As I am the only Fan of Fallout Equestria here on the site.

So I have finally decided on an aim to date, I won't say but It is sometime close.
If I can finish off the stuff required on time.
The signal that the week has begun is a resounding post made by myself.
The code will be 
That means that the Following Monday is the start of Fallout Equestria week,
For example If I were to say The bombs are falling on a friday, it means in 2 days Fallout Equestria week will begin on the new weeks Monday.
Sound good?
Have a good one everypony.

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