Thursday, December 8, 2011

Where be-eth thy reviews?? feat DarcySupremest Hijack.

Where have they all gone... We were a review site, but the reviews have kinda disappeared... DON'T WORRY VIEWERS!! AXEOFCHAOS IS HERE TO SOLVE YOUR REVIEW WOES!!! I am at this very moment looking for some fanfics filled with coolness, radicalness, and most importantly, AWESOMENESS!!!

In the mean time, although this has nothing to do with MLP... I guess Minecraft includes friendship and magic... and this includes a few rainbows!! Whatever, have some amazing stopmotion work!!

Sup Axe, I'm Hijack'in this post because I'm the owner of this here website and I do as I please.

I'm here to tell you about Klaypex, and why he is the best Dubstep artist in this known universe, see Not best Dubstepper Skillerex cares not for your eardrums, so he mashes all the annoying sounds he can find, Klaypex is smooth yet dubby and steppy.
Its like smooth, slow, passionate love in your ears.
Go and listen to his many GODLY Dubstep Symphonies.
Vinyl Scratch demands it.
Oh yeah and Fallout Equestria review is a sure thing, when the series is finished I shall parade it to all because of how amazing it is.
Oh yeah Dubstep.
Put on your bass'iest headphones and let this music lull you into a state of awe.
I should really get back to writing Terminal Orchestra I have really not been working on that and I want at least 3 chapters before I release It. 
By The way when Axe says he is looking for Radical Awesome stupid RD quote he really means he is looking for Obscure boring shipping fics.
Have a Good One.

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