Monday, December 26, 2011

WARNING!! A red spy is in the base!!

SSHHHHHHHHH!!!! Be very, very quiet... Darcy doesn't know I'm in here... And since I promised him he could do the 1000 views post, I don't think he'll be very happy with me doing this...

But he stole my 900 views post. He may have won THAT battle, but he hasn't won the war!!

Anyways, I don't think he has seen me yet, so HAPPY 1000 VIEWS. *confetti and horns!!* We only need 1000 times more and we would have a million :O. It is a monumental occasion, and before the end of the year!! This has shown me that we have more than 2 people viewing!! So to those few new members HELLO!!! I'm AxeOfChaos, and the guy I'm trying to hide from is DarcySupremest (You can check out our full biographies in the "Our Admins" tab)

And to celebrate this stupendous achievement (Oh don't worry, I have many more adjectives to use, I've been playing Scribblenauts on my new I-Pod all day, I've already cracked it :D) I can FINALLY use this picture I have been saving up! In recognition of the fact that Luna is 1000 and we now have 1000 views, HAVE SOME PICS!! (Oh and merry Christmas for yesterday :P)

I hope to see you all on SFFR soon, and to another 1000 views to come! *clinks glass* HERE HERE!!!

Well, I'd better get out of here before Darcy finds out if infiltrated his post... In fact I think I hear him....
The Small grenade hit the ground bursting into brilliant white. The colour blinded Axe's security detail.
The Special forces team fired their rounds hitting the blinded soldiers, their limp bodies falling to the ground.
Axe lie on his haunches, dumbfounded by the sudden attack.
"This can't be possible!" Axe cried as he stood to his feet "All the planning, the extra soldier's"
Axe Chuckled manically "It doesn't matter"
Axe lifted the drink to his mouth, the magic emitting from his horn.
"My army is stationed all over his borders, my jets scrambled and headed to your borders, your harbors filled with my ships, your country is as good as mine!"
"I beg to differ"
The Pegasus swooped in folding his wings and landing down.
"Your planes are having a hard time with my Jet Squadron, and your ships can't dock with 12 navy seals incapacitating the crew and detonating the ships"
The Silver Grey Pegasus smiled pulling his white hat down lower on his head.
"NO" Axe yelled "This can't be, all the planning all the strategy's for nothing!"
The low chopping filled the air, outside a gunship swooped down.
The soldiers ducked for the floor, as the cannon tore the room to pieces.
Axe sprinted to the window, leaping out and wrapping his hooves around the choppers skids.
"This isn't the end Darcy!" Axe climbed into the open door "You'll get yours someday!"
The Machine took off and flew toward the nation's borders.
"Excellent work men, we may have not have been in time to save the 1000 views but we saved Darcia, and that's all that matters"
Darcy walked toward the flayed open windows, staring at the airborne object as it disappeared into the distance.
Wherever Axe was, he would move and wherever he moved.
I would be there.
"Have a good one Axe, Have a good one" He whispered

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