Saturday, December 31, 2011

Review - My Little Dashie

Holy Crap... I cried... I haven't cried for a while... But I cried... This is the single greatest piece of writing I have ever seen in my entire life...

Please... if you have a heart, read this fan-fic... It is pretty deep...

My Little Dashie is a, quote, "Sad, Normal" fan-fic written by ROBCakeran43, which follows the story of a young man that is... more than slightly depressed, and finds a filly RD in a box one day. He raises her as his own and grows very close to her, and as I said in my last review, the rest is for me to know and for you to find out!


ROB did a great job with this, as it uses a real-life person, so he could make them be whoever he wanted them to be. But he did stick with RD and he kept the right mix of what RD would be like if she was brought up by a person in the crumbling ruin that is Earth.


The plot is very moving and I cried more than I have for a very long time, even though that might have been only one tear, AS I AM A MAN!!!! *eh hem* But it was AMAZINGLY written, and I would be honoured to have an interview with ROB at some point. So if you are reading this ROB, then email me!! :D

My Opinion:

This is the deepest and most well-written piece of writing I have ever seen, and I have read a few books and fan-fics in my short time on this planet. I highly suggest you read this, in fact LINKS!!! --> <-- I give it 11 tiny, little Dashies out of 10 (Yes, that is right, I'm giving it 11, it's either that or I have to go back, find every fan-fic I have reviewed and shift the scores down one)

I am not in any way less of a man after reading this, I've just shed a tear or two :)

Keep it Rarityin' people!

AxeOfChaos Out

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